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Announcing THE CBAWs!

Since everyone and their mothers will be doing it I will too. A Year End Awards... THE CBAWs! Best Comics, Wrestling,TV, and of course Whatever! Post ideas for catergories

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

An Apology

I would like to apologize to 215ink I know I promised some reviews cause they were awesome enough to send some previews. I can't properly read comics on the computer. It sucks cause these guys put out what looks like some great stuff(and hey they support Chikara) I will add them to the when I get money list for comics to buy. :(

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another quick one

Will be reviewing some stuff in the next few days from
Great site I should join to look for an artist for my comics

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Quick one

sorry for lack of updates but here's a quick link

Thought I would give further notice to this. Jen Van Meter wrote the back up in JSA All Stars she should have been the regular writer. What a old school adventure style story that was. Hopefully she bring that sense of fun escapades to this.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Oh Man A Cookie!

New 52 Review: OMAC w/Dan Didio a/co-writer Keith Giffen
Picked this up has a Kirby fan and a big Giffen fan expecting at least cool artwork(which I got in spades)What sort of surprised me was how joyous and cool the story was. I know has a esteemed comic guy on the internets(editors note: series of tubes) I am suppose to hate Dan Didio for being in charge of DC in one of its most successful eras(yeah I don't get the hate either)but like his Metal Men in Wednesday's Comics this was well done.

The story is about OMAC breaking into CADMUS industries and causing havoc and such.Why aren't more people talking about this book? This is a great starting on point and made me feel like a kid.

Demon and /or Knight pun goes here


So I actually had a chance to get to the comic shop and pick up some New 52 (52!) books. Here is the review for the first one

Demon Knights- w/Paul Cornell a/Diogenes Nievs
This book deals with a medieval team of bandits/not quite heroes against The Horde. Kind of like a Arthurian Secret Six. I won't reveal all the members revealed so far in case you want to read it.Other then the Demon,who is on the cover,and Madame Xanadu(!).Though I will give the hint that one is a long term DC villain or is it long lived(wink). Also neat little Legion tie-in this book. Yes a Legion of Superheroes tie-in a medieval fantasy book.

Now long time readers of this blog know my love for one Mr. Cornell. He has a way with dialogue and setting up situations. The plots are great too don't get me wrong but I think I would read something like Wally Lumpkin the Fantastic Four Mailman if he wrote it.(ooh and Alan Davis on art)

I first saw Diogenes Nieves on Legion and liked his work but now he has stepped up his game.This is some great work where his designs and expressions standout

My final verdict: Will continue to read it I like where it is going. Fun read even you don't like fantasy. Totally not the Tolkien retread that you usually picture when someone says fantasy(sorry Shannara fans)More like a Dirty Dozen type book. Insert more praise here

The Mighty Revealed...?

Thanks to for the link

That is a picture of the Mighty who debut in Fear Itself 7# Looks like powered up heroes that I think I guessed most of them if I didn't I certainly wouldn't look for my post about it. Most of the designs are okay particularly Destroyer Iron Man and Doctor Strange but man that Wolverine and Spidey are blech!

Some reviews up later

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sorry guys

Just got power back a day ago. I haven't read JLA yet can't afford it. so I will post something on something soon :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pimping Podcasts

I would like to take my standing has a blogger that everyone and their mother reads(let me have my delusions)and pimp a podcast I listen to.

Question to like the show True Blood? Do you like discussion about said show and people making you laugh? Do you like commentators that are not scientists but know celebrity heights? Then listen to Fozzie and Tina Spread TB available through that site or itunes
Listen Love it

Doctor ?

So legion of super..err fans often ask me: Do you like Doctor Who? The answer is yes. So you may ask who is your favorite Doctor?

The answer would be

Peter Davison has the 5th Doctor. Betcha thought I would say Tom Baker or David Tennant huh? Nothing against them they are great but the 5th is the big brother of the Doctors. Almost like Spider-man has a Timelord (ooh now there's a fan fic right there)

Yeah sorry if this is a short one. Tomorrow expect a defense of Adric and Colin Baker's 6th Doctor article

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Holy Crap!

I was nominated for CBS Philly Most Valuable Blogger!


New 52

So the New 52 DC Relaunch starts next week and I can't afford it :( So hypothetically if I could afford it I picked out the 5 titles I want to read most(note these are the new titles not the restarts like JLA etc.) in no particular order
1. Fury of Firestorm- by Gail Simone/Ethan Van Sciver and art by Yildray Cinar
2. Demon Knights-by Paul Cornell and art by Diogenes Neves
3.Stormwatch by Paul Cornell and art by Miguel Sepulveda
4.Justice League Dark- Peter Milligan and art by Mikel Janin
5. Legion Lost - by Fabian Nicieza and art by Pete Woods

and honorable mention goes to Animal Man,Swamp Thing,Frankenstein,and the Red Lantern books

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Comics 4 Sale

Hey would anyone be interested in buying some comics? I have been out of work for quite some time and dead broke(which is why I can't keep up with current stuff) They are in good condition clearly for reading has I am not super anal about keeping them pristine. (uh oh I just put super anal in a post I am gonna get some disappointed google searches) if interested drop me a comment or tweet @soggyhydrox

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Revengers!!! Mount up!

Thanks to check em out

See that its the Revengers. Apparently Wonder Man is back to his evil ways or is he? Assembling guys screwed over by Avengers or individual members.
Let's see we have Anti-Venom the former Venom Eddie Brock who actually was doing good but Spidey doesn't trust him cause Peter is kind of a ass about it.Powers basically like Venom but undefined healing powers

Ethan Edwards who was a Superman analogue in a story I never read and had to google him.I guess Superman type powers but not has cool has old school Hyperion(look him up)

Atlas was a Thunderbolt but killed off cause he could never completely reform.Growth powers

Devil Slayer was a Defender not sure how he ties in with the premise though he is a little crazy.Imagine Buffy(but predates her)but with a sword

Goliath nephew of the hero who got shot in the face by Tony Stark's Thor clone during Civil war Uh growth powers again.This would never happen in the Legion unless they were siblings :)

Century former Force Works guy(ugh)neat character not sure how he fits.Super axe thingy

Captain Ultra-comedy character who was turned down by the Avengers and I think was a Defender for a Day. basically Martian Manhunter abilities and phobia though I remember a story where he could make balloon animals

D-Man-Demolition Dunphy former wrestler and Cap sidekick.most notable for smelling bad. I love Bendis sometimes. He punches guys

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Plea to readers

well not a plea. just asking you the humble readers what do you want to read about?
Update on the stats readers from the Netherlands and Iran of all places. I have readers in South Korea and I didn't even mention Starcraft! ZERG Protoss


Hey just checking stats. 12 page views from Russia. 8 from Latvia. and 1 each from Turkey and Romania Traveling across Europe baby!

Has always people please comments

"New" Ultimate Spidey Reactions Reaction/I can see for Miles

Let me preface this with I don't read U Spidey but I think this is an interesting idea moving the universe along and making it different from the 616. Though I like my idea of Peter coming back has the new Venom/Carnage.This little article isn't about my thought its about the narrow minded asses reacting to this on USA Today among others

1.No Miles wasn't created because Obama is President he actually has more in common with the online campaign to have Donald Glover play Spidey in the movie.That way of thinking is like why wasn't Captain America made into a drunken cokehead when W was President? Cause the President has no bearing on such things.

2.People are calling out the artist for saying that one day a black or gay or even both hero will be common place. They are saying stop equating the struggle of the two groups. Cause golly I guess we have to be all in seperate categories there can't be gay black people. Course I will get responses that I don't know anything cause I am white and straight.

3. One thing I will agree with was why did USA Today downplay the fact that Miles is half Hispanic? One commenter said it would be Spider Hombre but there has been a Spider Heroine Arana a few years ago.

4.Why is this a big deal to comic fans? I really don't think it is.Might lead to some good stories which is what matters but has I said in the preface I don't read Ultimate anyway.I wonder what people said when James Rhodes became Iron Man? Oh yeah that was the eighties before Marvel spoiled comics before they came out in major newspapers so only comic readers knew about stories.(ick I called USA Today a major newspaper that is how sad journalism is today)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Iron Manime episode Quick review

So G4 after months of showing commercials finally premiered Iron Man and Wolverine animes last night. I made it five minutes into Wolverine so that should tell you the quality of Iron Man.
The story seems to take place in the movie universe has Tony Stark is in Japan to build an arc reactor and train a replacement. Way to help the US economy there Tony!. So basically the replacement unit Dio goes rogue and is quickly defeated. No really I have seen longer fights with Tyson involved. i must have missed something though cause after the he is attacked by a xenomorph from Aliens and then it's gone. Roll credits. Wolverine starts I laugh at Milo Ventmiglia has Wolvie and turn it off.

Okay the good about it. When its not cgi the Iron man armors design is great.

Now the ugly like Icarus's tattoo ugly.(wrestling joke)The horrible dubbing is mid eighties/early nineties bad.It seems like the actors just read a script then people just played the audio track over the show.Also has noted on twitter(soggyhydrox)the cgi is lacking and shoehorned into the show. I have hope for X-Men and Blade(oddly enough)but not much

I know he is credited has such but are we sure Warren Ellis wrote this? Though he did write Extremis which was BORRRIINNNGGG for the most part he is quality. I don't blame him even man's gotta eat

Friday, July 29, 2011


Thanks for reading people remember leave comments. Going over start looks like people were searching for Earth 2 Robin stuff when I posted that article what a year or so ago. Go figure. I should do another costume post.

Lord of the Claws or Game of Paws

Thundercats review-
So I just finished watching the first two episodes of the new Thundercats series,and I must say I enjoyed it. Okay more then just enjoyed it was very very well done. Instead of the Great Exodus from Thundera that opened the original series all the action takes place on Thundera. The Cats are the dominant species and the other species (so far only dogs and lizards seen)are seen has lower life and made slaves of. The Cats are sorta like Romans.The focus is on Lion-O training to be Lord of the Cats so you know where that will lead. Lion-O is fascinated by technology that for some reason has become a myth to most Cats.
I don't wanna give to much away plotwise but one funny thing is one character showed up 5 minutes after I wondered if he was in it.(Grune) Another Cat makes a cameo that was just clearly for fans and a in case we don't get to him moment. Lots of slight sound effects and music cues from the og show.Oh and OG Lion-O voice actor Larry Kenney plays King Cladius. I applaud the people on this show they are clearly fans

Two kind of funny things stood out for me all the commoner Cats look like Hayao Miyazaki designed them. The other is the group is structured like an old school RPG party. Lion-O the young hero thankfully without amnesia.Cheetara is the healer/light weapons.Tigra is the brash ace type guy(Han Solo) and Snarf is the pet
Somethings I don't like Snarf doesn't talk and Slithe doesn't do the YESSSSSSSS thing.So far Monkian and Jackalman haven't showed up but I am sure they will in coming episodes

I will do a longer review down the line instead of this rambling one maybe at the end of the season.I might actually write that one beforehand instead of off the top of my head
If you were a fan of the original or like fantasy/action jump right in and watch this.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cyke & Wolvie in Hizzum Skizzum #1(spoilars!!!)

X-Men:Schism review.
First off thanks to my buddy Tom Kingsmill for letting me read this.It's nominally hard to review current comics when you are flat broke and sure has hell ain't stealing them. I should also preface this with I aside from Dark X-Men(which is a must read) I haven't much current X-Comics.

Now this is a how you do a X-Event!(at least for the beginning of one)Now this is leading to a another restart of the X-Books with a Cyclops led team and a Wolvie one but for now we get Sentinels being released around the world all orchestrated by an all new Hellfire Club with some kid and a bunch of mystery members. I bet at least one X-Men is one and it's not the obvious.

The aforementioned I guess is a new character has a great introduction unlike Kid Omega who incidentally appears also in a good set up scene and is dismissed by the new villain kinda like this fanboy did when he first appeared. Kade Kilgore is the kid's name and though is name sounds like he should be competing in FCW (Wrestling Joke) he seems like a revived take on the child mastermind.

One thing about Kade I don't know if it is intentional but he looks like a 12 year old version of the human form of the Beyonder? see images up top still haven't got use to adding images

Friday, July 8, 2011

Fear It Sells teaser

Just a quick one regarding this teaser for Fear Itself (credit to comicbookresources for the image) That can't just members of the current Avengers team can it? Why would they tease that? So here is my theory it is a lead in for a new Defenders series or something:) Iron Man isn't him maybe War Machine. Wolverine looks off and no neon highlights.That's Valkyrie with the sword and Dr. Strange with a staff or Namor (all three are Defenders) Ms Marvel on the left(but which one?)Iron Fist is another one that is too obvious since you can clearly see his symbol. Okay then there is Hawkeye and that dude(?)in back and woman next to him(?)

So this is either Defenders or new West Coast Avengers. Either way Fred Van Lente or Jeff Parker should be writing it if it goes to series.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Odds and Ends...

I read the first three issues of Fear Itself Marvel's summer crossover. I am enjoying it so far but one nagging thing the fear angle. Now maybe it is happening in the tie ins but so far there has been a lack of heroes feeling/confronting their greatest fears which was all over the teasers for this event.

Last week Gene Colan died.He was a great comic artist who was know for his dark lines and a sense of getting supernatural/horror and mechanical depending on what the story needed. More importantly he was the artist of Tomb of Dracula and a well remembered run on Batman. He was also the artist for Howard the Duck including the issues introducing KISS into comics.(yes that KISS).

See that picture? That is the new lineup for the JLA. Yeah the members you go who are they to?One is Element Woman a new version of an old character and somebody who looks like Black Canary but apparently isn't. Best bet is that it's Zealot from Wildcats(yeah I know)

Incidentally has I said on twitter,Wonder Woman's costume is probably the best of Jim Lee's redesigns. I like the use of silver and more toned down colors.

Any ideas for articles people? I can't review many current comics cause I am poor and jobless

Thursday, June 23, 2011

RANNNTTT!! Terra Nova

Okay a quick little rant. Anyone who has watched FOX for more then 5 minutes has probably seen commercials for their new show Terra Nova. The premise is its the future the world is screwed so lets go back to prehistoric times. ???? Yeah I don't it either. The looks of it make it appear to be maybe thousand or so people traveling back to screw the Earth. So where do more people come from? There is a few options:
1.This isn't really the past but an alien world/dimension ala Land of the Lost so there might be more people
2.This is really a creationist fairytale where we will be treated to fully human cavepeople riding dinos on saddles.
3.The creators didn't really care and thought hey were making this for FOX so it probably won't last even a season.

Yes I know Fringe is on FOX.

Yes this might be good but I don't have high hopes

Monday, June 20, 2011

Interesting Flashpoint/Relaunch Idea

Thanks to Raging Bullets for inspiring this idea

So for those reading Flashpoint know that two heroes from the current DCU are trapped there those being Flash(Barry Allen) and Booster Gold. Flashpoint leads into the relaunch. My theory is that the changes made to the DCU would be partially because of Barry and Booster( and perhaps Starman in Legion and Firestorm going kaboom).

If somehow Barry and Booster has to reform the DCU with their memories it would explain details of some of the new books.

What is one of the best story arcs of Booster Gold? The story about Booster trying to prevent Barbara Gordon from getting shot. What is one of the new titles? Barbara Gordon has Batgirl again

Also Booster gets his greatest wish to be a respected team leader in JLI.

The Flash was isn't has concrete cause we don't know who The Flash and Kid Flash are in the relaunch.If the Flash is Barry expect Kid Flash to be Wally which would be is fondest memories has a hero

Incidentally I agree with the Raging Bullets guys that Barry is the Reverse Flash of Flashpoint.The man out of time or dimension so to speak

Monday, June 13, 2011

Podcast Update

It has been awhile since I last updated my list of podcasts I listen to.

Art of Wrestling-Colt Cabana interviews fellow wrestlers about their life and their craft,sometimes incitefull frequently funny.

A Bit of Chat with Ken Plume- interview show with people in entertainment needs more James Urbaniak

Card Subject to Change Podcast Network-Programme w/Matt and Ben,Tope Con Coolio,and Saturday Night Slammasters-funny wrestling talk with a focus on Indies and Classic wrestling

Comic Geek Speak-love comics? you probably already listen to this :)

DR Who Podshock-good Whocast specially the live feedback shows

Dr Who Radio Free Skaro-the best Whocast I have heard

Doomhouse-not sure if this will continue since the premise has changed

Grizzly Bear Egg Cafe-Clayton and Mike share comic,movie,tv,and music news

I Want Wrestling-Dave Lagana does his own version of Art of Wrestling but mostly focusing on behind the scenes guys

Legion of Substitute Podcasters-must listen not only for Legion fans but DCU fans in general

On the Tube Podcast-Tina and James from Doomhouse talk movies and tv and life stuff. Funnier then I could describe

Radio Free Cybertron- Transformers talk

Raging Bullets- another great DCU podcast that our cool enough to link to this here blog

Reality Wasted-entertainment podcast who one of the guys reads this. Hi Donny! Is this podcast coming back?

Smart Video Game Fan-kind of a laid back video game talk

Smart Wrestling Fan-I still miss Wiggly on this but still a funny listen specially when Mr Mutant Larry is on

Television Zombies-I miss Tina(now on Tubecast)and her laugh on this but the other guys our cool and nice guys so i continue to listen

This American Life-just listen

Thoughts Out of Context-Chris is a good man who deserves more listen has he talks about wrestling,theater or other stuff

2 Minute Timelord-Chip talks about Who for about 2 minutes except when he doesn't

We Talk Games-Wiggly and others uhh talk games. Best video game podcast specially for more retro talk

A Wiggly World-Wiggly talks about life,religion,music,and tech talk but nobody cares about tech talk

Wrestlecrap Radio-Blade and RD sometimes actually talk wrestling. Still funny after all these years

The Wrestling Podcast-supplemental to my friend Tom's blog. Would listen even if I wasn't his friend :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

X-Men:Overnight Mail review

THERE WILL BE SPOILARSSS!!!(tm Television Zombies)

So saw XMFC last night very frakkin good. If you enjoy well done super heroics and aren't a slave to continuity this film is great. What you say? I thought this was a prequel so how could blah blah blah. Yes this isn't a direct prequel to the other X-movies. It's a story of how the Xavier et all first form and some elements that tie the films together but it isn't leashed by say not using Emma Frost cause she was in the HORRIBLE Wolverine movie. Now to some good and bad points to the movie

Good-Most of the cast was quite good but head and shoulders above is Michael Fassbinder has Erik/Magneto(sidenote thank you for not using the Max Eisenstat or whatever they change Magneto name to)The dude is going to be big. Jennifer Lawrence(who plays Mystique)is another standout for me cause she has a cuteness and naturalness about her.

The sixties setting was fun and different for a superhero movie. The costuming and gadgets fit well.

The little nods to Marvel and cameos were funny without being in your face. Incidentally Xavier knows about Homo mermani does this mean FOX is doing a Namor movie?(screw you Vinnie Chase!)

BAD-not much really bad about this just a few really minor quibbles. January Jones has Emma Frost,she isn't has terrible has the internet is saying but she should have been more snooty and British.
The X-Men particularly Havok while good actors didn't seem like teenagers/early 20s of the early sixties.This really is only groaning bad when Havok calls Beast badass. Badass is not a sixties slang term.
Oh and why couldn't Banshee be Irish? If he was suppose to be Irish in the movie I couldn't tell sounds like a bad Brooklyn accent.
The other extremely minor quibble I had was Darwin. Though the quibble went away once he was killed off. When he was recruited I was hoping he was Sunspot.

Am I the only one who thought the island at the end was Krakoa?

All in a all great movie you should see but you don't have to take my word for it. dun duh dun!

Now bring on the New Mutants!

Almost forgot this movie features a better origin for Chuck's paralysis. In the comic it was an alien dude who dropped a boulder on P.X. because Chuck made fun of his Van Dyke.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Rantttttt of the week

Frustrating Comic "Fans" in a nutshell."Fan"- I hate the new (insert comic here)! Me-but it hasn't come out yet you don't even know what the story will be like or even how they will get there etc. "Fan"-but (insert writer/artist) just wants to bring back (Silver Age is popular a response)

or alternately "Fan" comics were better when I was younger this new character I haven't even read sucks compared to the character I loved(see Hal Jordan vs Kyle Rayner in the 90s) Now we have the opposite with Flash "Fan"-why did they bring back Barry Allen? Wally West is so much better even though I never read Barry stories etc.

Yes I am sure we are all guilty of this to some degree. I know I am but come on calm down. Yes I prefer Babs has Oracle but Gail Simone is writing the new Batgirl title. Also who says the current universe and the relaunch aren't just different Earths?
You know Multiversity is still being worked on.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Digital Comics

Let me preference this short thing about digital comics with I don't have an ipad or read digital comics in general while I sorta like the idea I am not reading $900 electronics on the toilet.

So DC is going day and date with print starting with the relaunch in September. Great idea but one thing bugs me about this or actually digital in general. The price of digital if you thought print was getting expensive you will paying same/about the same for the digital. At least you can share the print with others.

There is major thing that I hate about digital. The eventual death of comic stores and conventions.Maybe there will be a few stores here and there but most stores will close if comics go completely digital.Though I guess will be like a vinyl fan and want paper comics. Okay so maybe conventions won't totally die but without the back issues and trades and such most will turn to rancid Hollywood shillventions (see San Diego Comic Con)

I realized I talk way too much about DC. I am a DC fan but I also am a Marvel fan. After all I did grow up a Marvel zombie. So I should do another Marvel article. Any ideas? note I haven't read Fear Itself beyond the first issue

Thursday, June 2, 2011

1.2. We have a new champ! wait no!

Okay to anyone that knows me or follows me on twitter(@soggyhydrox)know that I love wrestling.Please spare me the you know it isn't real crap or that MMA is so much cooler or even WWE/TNA is better. Wrestling fans are a lot like comics fans which is a future post right there.No today I want to talk about my favorite current wrestling company Chikara.

Now I could give you a mini history of Chikara but it might be easier just to go to or for that. You might ask okay then why should I like this Fed? Well I assume if you continued to read this you are a comic fan and a wrestling fan. Chikara has a continuity like a comic with the personalities to go with it. Great action and storytelling that keeps you involved.Plus the wrestlers both native and guest are fan freakin tastic. The main key to Chikara's success I think is availability of the talent to the fans
Okay I just wanted to do a quick post but to read more of Chikara and wrestling in general can't do any better then the Wrestling Blog
More on the DC Reboot soon and a Whatever Post on Doctor Who in the new era of my blog

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

BIg DCU Reboot and a Legdrop

So I am sure you have read about the DC Universe reboot spinning out of Flashpoint.I will get into some details released but before that one interesting thing. There will 52 new number one issues. Will there be multiple Earths involved in this reboot? After all Grant Morrison's Multiversity is still on the backburner.
So what triggers this reboot you may ask? Well the main hook is probably whatever Barry Allen does to "fix" changes made in Flashpoint but another thing is Firestorm is set to meltdown around the time this reboot is happening has of the end of Brightest Day.

Okay on to the announced series so far:

Justice League: writer-Geoff Johns artist-Jim Lee Great creative team for the first reboot release but I have the nagging feeling that Jim Lee will only be artist for a few issues.The lineup is Wonder Woman,Supes,Batman,Flash,Green Lantern(Hal),Aquaman,and Cyborg

Birds of Prey-no creative team yet but Gail Simone is not involved

Teen Titans-writer-Fabian Nicieza Now I haven't read anything he has written in years but he has been getting acclaim for Red Robin and did write New Warriors in the 90s which was one of Marvel's best titles of the decade.

Justice Society of America-hoping for something good out of this but who knows

Wonder Woman-nothing known yet but I wonder(ha!)if this will be the long rumoured Geoff Johns/Adam Hughes collaboration.

Green Lantern-first evidence that this wont be a total reboot has this will carry on from the previous series plus there will be a Lantern Corps book. Though what happened to the Red Lantern book?

Hawkman-writer-James Robinson artist-maybe Philip Tan I hope this will be good. I love most of Robinson's work but his JLA has been iffy at times though the latest arc has been fun.I want the Indiana Jonesesque Carter Hall from the Golden Age mini.

Aquaman-writer-Geoff Johns artist-Ivan Reis series launching out of Brightest Day so again not a total reboot.

other points: I don't think Barry Allen will sacrifice himself again though Wally West might. Jim Lee is redesigning 50 costumes to streamline their looks and apparently the DCU will be getting more ethnically diverse. Does this mean Vibe is returning?
And no no one is selling thier soul to the devil.

Please leave comments below

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dream Comics(Current edition) Part 1

Okay here is what I did I picked a few dream comics using current writers and artists that primarily work for those companies that said comic would fall into. Has always readers reply with your picks.

Killraven-writer-Jeff Parker artist-Gabriel Hardman
Marvel's futuristic Conan who fights Martian after they dominated the Earth in the 90s. Rumours were that Robert Kirkman and Rob Liefeld were the next to get the crack at Killraven please Marvel don't do that.Mr. Parker and Hardman worked on the fantastic Agents of Atlas and would do wonders for Killraven in his timeline or the one who I think is still in the 616 after recent events in Avengers. Besides this idea comes Gabriel Hardman approved via twitter.

Defenders-Fred van Lente /Brad Walker
The team who is not a team. Fred Van Lente can do humor and action two things that the Defenders need also things Defenders need Dr. Strange,Hulk,and Nighthawk. Brad Walker is a great team book artist who is another rising star artist

Tales of Suspense Dr. Strange-w/a-Walt Simonson Cosmic-DnA/Khoi Pham
Okay I wanted to bring back a old school split book and here it is. I love Dr. Strange and I love Walt Simonson. He did some great work on Dr Fate for DC at various points in his career so i would like to see what he would do for Strange. With the Cosmic line up in the air after Annihilators I chose to put the continuing chronicling of the Cosmic here with of course DnA writing it. Khoi Pham is an artist who keeps getting better every comic he works on and want to see him get a crack at it specially after Chaos War

That is it for now I have more ideas next post will prolly be DC picks and possibly more Marvel
Whoa it has been since August since I last updated. Unfortunately since I can't get new comics from week to week I won't be doing new comic reviews has much. I have decided to refocus and start doing something with this blog. I will be doing more like my favorite costume stuff and prolly a other of the like. First up coming soon a dream comics using current writers and artists.