Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New 52

So the New 52 DC Relaunch starts next week and I can't afford it :( So hypothetically if I could afford it I picked out the 5 titles I want to read most(note these are the new titles not the restarts like JLA etc.) in no particular order
1. Fury of Firestorm- by Gail Simone/Ethan Van Sciver and art by Yildray Cinar
2. Demon Knights-by Paul Cornell and art by Diogenes Neves
3.Stormwatch by Paul Cornell and art by Miguel Sepulveda
4.Justice League Dark- Peter Milligan and art by Mikel Janin
5. Legion Lost - by Fabian Nicieza and art by Pete Woods

and honorable mention goes to Animal Man,Swamp Thing,Frankenstein,and the Red Lantern books

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