Saturday, March 26, 2011

Dream Comics(Current edition) Part 1

Okay here is what I did I picked a few dream comics using current writers and artists that primarily work for those companies that said comic would fall into. Has always readers reply with your picks.

Killraven-writer-Jeff Parker artist-Gabriel Hardman
Marvel's futuristic Conan who fights Martian after they dominated the Earth in the 90s. Rumours were that Robert Kirkman and Rob Liefeld were the next to get the crack at Killraven please Marvel don't do that.Mr. Parker and Hardman worked on the fantastic Agents of Atlas and would do wonders for Killraven in his timeline or the one who I think is still in the 616 after recent events in Avengers. Besides this idea comes Gabriel Hardman approved via twitter.

Defenders-Fred van Lente /Brad Walker
The team who is not a team. Fred Van Lente can do humor and action two things that the Defenders need also things Defenders need Dr. Strange,Hulk,and Nighthawk. Brad Walker is a great team book artist who is another rising star artist

Tales of Suspense Dr. Strange-w/a-Walt Simonson Cosmic-DnA/Khoi Pham
Okay I wanted to bring back a old school split book and here it is. I love Dr. Strange and I love Walt Simonson. He did some great work on Dr Fate for DC at various points in his career so i would like to see what he would do for Strange. With the Cosmic line up in the air after Annihilators I chose to put the continuing chronicling of the Cosmic here with of course DnA writing it. Khoi Pham is an artist who keeps getting better every comic he works on and want to see him get a crack at it specially after Chaos War

That is it for now I have more ideas next post will prolly be DC picks and possibly more Marvel

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