Saturday, December 7, 2013

New Superman/Batman casting rumors

  With the casting of Gal Gadot has Wonder Woman and rumors of Flash showing up I can reveal from my sources about more characters showing up in the still unnamed Superman/Batman movie

Superman/Batman will feature the entire DC Universe and be 9 months long

Pictured Half the cast

Monday, November 18, 2013

How I Met Your Tedium


Yes I use to love How I Met Your Mother now it's lame and they are just dragging it out pass the point of tolerance. So here's a little theory

at this point I think How I Yet Your Mother could only be good if the twist is that Barney is Ted. and the Ted we know is either a not real or the actual Barney. "Ted" switched them around in the retelling  cause he was embarrassed by his womanizing.Would also explain Bob Saget narration since neither are the actual person. No I was not on sandwiches when I came up with this.

Oh no! TEd is being eaten by Mick Jagger!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Robo Nation Cop Insta Review!

Yeah so I just watched the Pilot to the new Fox Science Fiction (Not Double Feature) tv show. I have already on twitter made the comments that Fox will most likely cancel this cause its sci fi on Fox and well you know.

Almost Human deals with a cop(Karl Urban) who gets injured in the line of duty, the extent of which is where the Robocop comparison comes in though not with Red Forman doing the deed.
He is put into a coma and the story picks up 2 years later where John ( Karl Urban's character) is given treatments to remember what exactly happened and is also seeing flashes of a woman(his wife? I kind of missed if they said) also sparking Robocop comparisons .

John must now be teamed with a Synthetic Cop cause that's the rules and of course he hates them cause one of them is partly responsible for his predicament. I won't say want happens to said Synthetic Cop has it's one of the best scenes in the episode. John ends up with Dorian (not sure if writer was a huge Scrubs fan)an outdated model who were put on ice cause they were too human(which doesnt make sense which I hope they will explain more) This where Alien Nation nod comes in cause even though he's an android its the same sort of set up.

the pros of the show would definitely be the two leads Michael Ealy and the aforementioned Karl Urban. They are great actors and seem to have a needed re-pore.


The cons this show doesnt seem future enough sure its only 2048 but it looks like modern day with Kit Cars. Come on theres freakin androids spruce it up! I made the joke on twitter but the soundtrack sounds like the Crystal Method composing a PS1 game(which i think they did that racing games that Sony did a few of then abandoned)

Overall I liked the pilot enough to want to at least watch the next episode so yeah. here's a picture of something unrelated

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Another Podcast

oops I forgot yet another podcast I listen to.

The Attitude Era Podcast- Yes another Wrestling Podcast detailing PPV by PPV and sometimes othe events of The Attitude Era of WWF/E . I would highly recommend for wrestling fans  has a reminder that the Attitude Era wasn't always dude the best nothing bad happened reputation it has online plus its very funny so that helps. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Some more Podcasts

Cause Itunes is being weird I had to resubscribe to almost all the podcast I listen to I miss one on my last list and have since added more so here goes

Radio Free Cybertron- the longest running Transformers show have been listening for years but some how missed it on my last list sorry guys

Superhero Time-Toku podcast from the some of the same guys from RFC fun banter and reviews of Japanese Superhero shows

Henshin Justice Unlimited-very long Toku review show with great takes on various series

Mandible Claw- Danielle Matheson and sometimes Brandon Stroud and others talk wrestling and things. I met Danielle and Brandon back in February at National Pro Wrestling Day they are good people

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Update or something Frizzle fRazzle

Perhaps I will do some horror related post to tie into Halloween or maybe something about the various Tokusatsu I have been watching (or expalin what that is for those who don't know) But for know read Tom's blog

Friday, August 9, 2013

80s Action Cartoons

So for a while now I have been knocking around the idea of writing a book on 80 Actions Cartoons(still looking for a title). My idea would be to write ups on various shows give a synopsis and feature something about each particular show I enjoy or maybe spotlight an actor/writer/what have you. Shows like He Man,Transformers,Gi Joe,and Thundercats will be in it but since they have had their own books I would like to feature other shows more extensively. That's where you come in what shows would you like to see featured?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Reviews featuring Space Iguanas and Oddly different GOTG(though I think I know why not the iguanas though)

Thanks to my best friend Tom for providing me with Guardians of the Galaxy .1 and 1 and Thanos Rising 1.

Now issue one is a good retelling expansion on the origin of Starlord. One weird thing about it is that the depiction of his father doesn't mess with the character in GOTG 1. There is also the fact that Peter suddenly has blond hair but I think there is a reason for that which I will get to next issue.

Okay issue one is mostly a team re-intro and Iron Man joining with his awful new armor.Groot,Raccoon,and Drax seem to be the same characters has previous. Gamora is slightly odd to me almost like Topaz from the Ultraverse right down to her weapons that might be unintentional,.I will get to Starlord in a moment but first the plot. Peter meets with his Father who is suddenly King of the Universe(which makes no sense whatsoever) and rules over Kree/Shiar etc lot of help you did there during those wars and stuff schmuck. So King Quill said Earth is off limits form aliens so he can conquer it huh? Yeah I don't get it either.
Now to Starlord he is back from the dead with no explanation,blond,and back to his original costume.On the letters page of both issues the word infinite is brought up when referring to Starlord. So I figured out that this Starlord and possibly his Father and the whole GOTG heck the whole universe in this book is not the 616 version. That or a wizard did it.


Thanos Rising expands on his origin gearing up for his appearance in some movie :) The weird thing about this book is the space iguanas that feature on Titan the Eternals home. I don't know if this was Jason Aaron's or Simone Bianchi's choice but it's really silly looking. Heck they may have featured years ago and I don't remember but they change other things why not that? This comic was well written and while Bianchi is a great artist I still haven't read something that his art fit. Oh and spoiler alert the girl talking to teen Thanos is Death :)
 Until the utter collapse of Civilization Make Mine Marvel,DC,Image,Drak Horse,IDW,Valiant etc

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Podcasts 2013

Before I get into my podcast I listen to currently round up a roo. I would like to say welcome back to PushingUpRoses who is back on Youtube


Art of Wrestling- Indy Wrestling Ambassador Colt Cabana interviews fellow wrestlers about their crafy and life and such
Bad Wrestling Radio- offshoot of Redcard Headbutt on Youtube funny stuff
A Bit of Chat- Ken Plume interviews people anyone from Mel Brooks to various other writers and performers
CSTC-mainly listen for Programme with Matt and Ben which is great wrestling talk but features a political show and a ummm Funky show Dashizznet :)
Comic Geek Speak- comic talk continues even without the two founders no longer regular contributors
ContinueCast- offshoot of Continue 4 guys from Philly play a game then commentate on it. funny talented guys that I should friend now before they are huge comedy stars :)
Radio Free Skaro- for my money the best Doctor Who podcast out there insightful and sense of humor and great reviews of new and old Who
Flagpoints- a Gi Joe podcast that I am still getting use to so not much to write about it
FozzieandTina- Tina from TVZ(who returned to that show YEAH!)and her friend Fozzie talk tv and weird faces. how fun is this show you ask? they frequently talk about Survivor and I still listen
GravityFalls Gossiper- Chris Haley and  rapper Adam Warrock discuss the fantastic show Gravity Falls and other shows and ramble and X-Men
Grizzly Bear Egg Cafe- Clayton Morris newsman extraordinaire and Mat Master Lightning Mike Quackenbush delve into Pop Culture for your listening pleasure
Hardcore Gaming 101- game review podcast from the eponymous  site
Legion of Substitute Podcasters- primarily a Legion of Superheroes podcast but often a DCU in general worth listening even you are just a slight comic fan
Old School Wrestling Podcast- reviews of classic matches with a sense of humor and a little history lesson on the business we call Pro Wrestling
OSW Review- video review of the Hulkamania era(so far) of WWF starting with Wrestlemania 1 Hilarious!
PullPile Podcast- funny comic review/news show probably one of the best
Radio Free Cybertron- Transformers talk show
Raging Bullets- two guys talk about DC Comics two of the nicest guys out there who go indepth on comics The internet/World needs more positive fans like Sean and Jim
RD and Blade Show- formely Wrestlecrap Radio now more freeform ramble and no characters calling in
SmartVideogame Fan- what the name says on the tin
Smart Wrestling Fan- Wrestling review show of the past week fun and one of the shows I have been listening to the longest
Television Zombies- sci fi,fantasy genre tv talk really good
This American Life- slices of life stories
Thoughts Out of Context- Chris reviews soda,tv,plays,wrestling or what have you good dude who I should hang out with more at shows and should in general
2 Minute Timelord- vChip has little snippets about Who
We Talk Games- little of everything videogame show currently on hiatus :(
Whotinnies- a little of everything of sci fi
A Wiggly World- Wiggly delves into religion,politics,old toys,music,and tech talk but nobody cares about that

The Wrestling Podcast- My friend Tom or TH if you will interviews wrestling pundits and even The Whole Reffing Show Bryce Remburg also check out if you havent already

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ritz Chips

I want to take this blog time to praise Ritz Chips preferably the Cheddar ones. Nothing goes better with a sandwich in my humble opinion. Better for you then regular chips too so there's that.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Flash Experiment

rumor website bsonline is reporting that Ryan Gosling is up for  a role in an upcoming Flash Movie no word if this includes Justice League or if it takes place before or after said movie

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Magfest online

This weekend is unfortunately I won't be there so on twitter use the hashtag #Magtwitter for a virtual version. Talk games,comics,music,whatever . also of anyone reading this wants to do a Q&A feel free