Monday, June 6, 2011

Digital Comics

Let me preference this short thing about digital comics with I don't have an ipad or read digital comics in general while I sorta like the idea I am not reading $900 electronics on the toilet.

So DC is going day and date with print starting with the relaunch in September. Great idea but one thing bugs me about this or actually digital in general. The price of digital if you thought print was getting expensive you will paying same/about the same for the digital. At least you can share the print with others.

There is major thing that I hate about digital. The eventual death of comic stores and conventions.Maybe there will be a few stores here and there but most stores will close if comics go completely digital.Though I guess will be like a vinyl fan and want paper comics. Okay so maybe conventions won't totally die but without the back issues and trades and such most will turn to rancid Hollywood shillventions (see San Diego Comic Con)

I realized I talk way too much about DC. I am a DC fan but I also am a Marvel fan. After all I did grow up a Marvel zombie. So I should do another Marvel article. Any ideas? note I haven't read Fear Itself beyond the first issue

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