Monday, November 18, 2013

How I Met Your Tedium


Yes I use to love How I Met Your Mother now it's lame and they are just dragging it out pass the point of tolerance. So here's a little theory

at this point I think How I Yet Your Mother could only be good if the twist is that Barney is Ted. and the Ted we know is either a not real or the actual Barney. "Ted" switched them around in the retelling  cause he was embarrassed by his womanizing.Would also explain Bob Saget narration since neither are the actual person. No I was not on sandwiches when I came up with this.

Oh no! TEd is being eaten by Mick Jagger!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Robo Nation Cop Insta Review!

Yeah so I just watched the Pilot to the new Fox Science Fiction (Not Double Feature) tv show. I have already on twitter made the comments that Fox will most likely cancel this cause its sci fi on Fox and well you know.

Almost Human deals with a cop(Karl Urban) who gets injured in the line of duty, the extent of which is where the Robocop comparison comes in though not with Red Forman doing the deed.
He is put into a coma and the story picks up 2 years later where John ( Karl Urban's character) is given treatments to remember what exactly happened and is also seeing flashes of a woman(his wife? I kind of missed if they said) also sparking Robocop comparisons .

John must now be teamed with a Synthetic Cop cause that's the rules and of course he hates them cause one of them is partly responsible for his predicament. I won't say want happens to said Synthetic Cop has it's one of the best scenes in the episode. John ends up with Dorian (not sure if writer was a huge Scrubs fan)an outdated model who were put on ice cause they were too human(which doesnt make sense which I hope they will explain more) This where Alien Nation nod comes in cause even though he's an android its the same sort of set up.

the pros of the show would definitely be the two leads Michael Ealy and the aforementioned Karl Urban. They are great actors and seem to have a needed re-pore.


The cons this show doesnt seem future enough sure its only 2048 but it looks like modern day with Kit Cars. Come on theres freakin androids spruce it up! I made the joke on twitter but the soundtrack sounds like the Crystal Method composing a PS1 game(which i think they did that racing games that Sony did a few of then abandoned)

Overall I liked the pilot enough to want to at least watch the next episode so yeah. here's a picture of something unrelated