Monday, June 20, 2011

Interesting Flashpoint/Relaunch Idea

Thanks to Raging Bullets for inspiring this idea

So for those reading Flashpoint know that two heroes from the current DCU are trapped there those being Flash(Barry Allen) and Booster Gold. Flashpoint leads into the relaunch. My theory is that the changes made to the DCU would be partially because of Barry and Booster( and perhaps Starman in Legion and Firestorm going kaboom).

If somehow Barry and Booster has to reform the DCU with their memories it would explain details of some of the new books.

What is one of the best story arcs of Booster Gold? The story about Booster trying to prevent Barbara Gordon from getting shot. What is one of the new titles? Barbara Gordon has Batgirl again

Also Booster gets his greatest wish to be a respected team leader in JLI.

The Flash was isn't has concrete cause we don't know who The Flash and Kid Flash are in the relaunch.If the Flash is Barry expect Kid Flash to be Wally which would be is fondest memories has a hero

Incidentally I agree with the Raging Bullets guys that Barry is the Reverse Flash of Flashpoint.The man out of time or dimension so to speak

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