Thursday, February 21, 2013

Podcasts 2013

Before I get into my podcast I listen to currently round up a roo. I would like to say welcome back to PushingUpRoses who is back on Youtube


Art of Wrestling- Indy Wrestling Ambassador Colt Cabana interviews fellow wrestlers about their crafy and life and such
Bad Wrestling Radio- offshoot of Redcard Headbutt on Youtube funny stuff
A Bit of Chat- Ken Plume interviews people anyone from Mel Brooks to various other writers and performers
CSTC-mainly listen for Programme with Matt and Ben which is great wrestling talk but features a political show and a ummm Funky show Dashizznet :)
Comic Geek Speak- comic talk continues even without the two founders no longer regular contributors
ContinueCast- offshoot of Continue 4 guys from Philly play a game then commentate on it. funny talented guys that I should friend now before they are huge comedy stars :)
Radio Free Skaro- for my money the best Doctor Who podcast out there insightful and sense of humor and great reviews of new and old Who
Flagpoints- a Gi Joe podcast that I am still getting use to so not much to write about it
FozzieandTina- Tina from TVZ(who returned to that show YEAH!)and her friend Fozzie talk tv and weird faces. how fun is this show you ask? they frequently talk about Survivor and I still listen
GravityFalls Gossiper- Chris Haley and  rapper Adam Warrock discuss the fantastic show Gravity Falls and other shows and ramble and X-Men
Grizzly Bear Egg Cafe- Clayton Morris newsman extraordinaire and Mat Master Lightning Mike Quackenbush delve into Pop Culture for your listening pleasure
Hardcore Gaming 101- game review podcast from the eponymous  site
Legion of Substitute Podcasters- primarily a Legion of Superheroes podcast but often a DCU in general worth listening even you are just a slight comic fan
Old School Wrestling Podcast- reviews of classic matches with a sense of humor and a little history lesson on the business we call Pro Wrestling
OSW Review- video review of the Hulkamania era(so far) of WWF starting with Wrestlemania 1 Hilarious!
PullPile Podcast- funny comic review/news show probably one of the best
Radio Free Cybertron- Transformers talk show
Raging Bullets- two guys talk about DC Comics two of the nicest guys out there who go indepth on comics The internet/World needs more positive fans like Sean and Jim
RD and Blade Show- formely Wrestlecrap Radio now more freeform ramble and no characters calling in
SmartVideogame Fan- what the name says on the tin
Smart Wrestling Fan- Wrestling review show of the past week fun and one of the shows I have been listening to the longest
Television Zombies- sci fi,fantasy genre tv talk really good
This American Life- slices of life stories
Thoughts Out of Context- Chris reviews soda,tv,plays,wrestling or what have you good dude who I should hang out with more at shows and should in general
2 Minute Timelord- vChip has little snippets about Who
We Talk Games- little of everything videogame show currently on hiatus :(
Whotinnies- a little of everything of sci fi
A Wiggly World- Wiggly delves into religion,politics,old toys,music,and tech talk but nobody cares about that

The Wrestling Podcast- My friend Tom or TH if you will interviews wrestling pundits and even The Whole Reffing Show Bryce Remburg also check out if you havent already

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ritz Chips

I want to take this blog time to praise Ritz Chips preferably the Cheddar ones. Nothing goes better with a sandwich in my humble opinion. Better for you then regular chips too so there's that.