Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Rantttttt of the week

Frustrating Comic "Fans" in a nutshell."Fan"- I hate the new (insert comic here)! Me-but it hasn't come out yet you don't even know what the story will be like or even how they will get there etc. "Fan"-but (insert writer/artist) just wants to bring back (Silver Age is popular a response)

or alternately "Fan" comics were better when I was younger this new character I haven't even read sucks compared to the character I loved(see Hal Jordan vs Kyle Rayner in the 90s) Now we have the opposite with Flash "Fan"-why did they bring back Barry Allen? Wally West is so much better even though I never read Barry stories etc.

Yes I am sure we are all guilty of this to some degree. I know I am but come on calm down. Yes I prefer Babs has Oracle but Gail Simone is writing the new Batgirl title. Also who says the current universe and the relaunch aren't just different Earths?
You know Multiversity is still being worked on.

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