Thursday, June 23, 2011

RANNNTTT!! Terra Nova

Okay a quick little rant. Anyone who has watched FOX for more then 5 minutes has probably seen commercials for their new show Terra Nova. The premise is its the future the world is screwed so lets go back to prehistoric times. ???? Yeah I don't it either. The looks of it make it appear to be maybe thousand or so people traveling back to screw the Earth. So where do more people come from? There is a few options:
1.This isn't really the past but an alien world/dimension ala Land of the Lost so there might be more people
2.This is really a creationist fairytale where we will be treated to fully human cavepeople riding dinos on saddles.
3.The creators didn't really care and thought hey were making this for FOX so it probably won't last even a season.

Yes I know Fringe is on FOX.

Yes this might be good but I don't have high hopes

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