Saturday, July 30, 2011

Iron Manime episode Quick review

So G4 after months of showing commercials finally premiered Iron Man and Wolverine animes last night. I made it five minutes into Wolverine so that should tell you the quality of Iron Man.
The story seems to take place in the movie universe has Tony Stark is in Japan to build an arc reactor and train a replacement. Way to help the US economy there Tony!. So basically the replacement unit Dio goes rogue and is quickly defeated. No really I have seen longer fights with Tyson involved. i must have missed something though cause after the he is attacked by a xenomorph from Aliens and then it's gone. Roll credits. Wolverine starts I laugh at Milo Ventmiglia has Wolvie and turn it off.

Okay the good about it. When its not cgi the Iron man armors design is great.

Now the ugly like Icarus's tattoo ugly.(wrestling joke)The horrible dubbing is mid eighties/early nineties bad.It seems like the actors just read a script then people just played the audio track over the show.Also has noted on twitter(soggyhydrox)the cgi is lacking and shoehorned into the show. I have hope for X-Men and Blade(oddly enough)but not much

I know he is credited has such but are we sure Warren Ellis wrote this? Though he did write Extremis which was BORRRIINNNGGG for the most part he is quality. I don't blame him even man's gotta eat

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