Thursday, October 17, 2013

Another Podcast

oops I forgot yet another podcast I listen to.

The Attitude Era Podcast- Yes another Wrestling Podcast detailing PPV by PPV and sometimes othe events of The Attitude Era of WWF/E . I would highly recommend for wrestling fans  has a reminder that the Attitude Era wasn't always dude the best nothing bad happened reputation it has online plus its very funny so that helps. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Some more Podcasts

Cause Itunes is being weird I had to resubscribe to almost all the podcast I listen to I miss one on my last list and have since added more so here goes

Radio Free Cybertron- the longest running Transformers show have been listening for years but some how missed it on my last list sorry guys

Superhero Time-Toku podcast from the some of the same guys from RFC fun banter and reviews of Japanese Superhero shows

Henshin Justice Unlimited-very long Toku review show with great takes on various series

Mandible Claw- Danielle Matheson and sometimes Brandon Stroud and others talk wrestling and things. I met Danielle and Brandon back in February at National Pro Wrestling Day they are good people

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Update or something Frizzle fRazzle

Perhaps I will do some horror related post to tie into Halloween or maybe something about the various Tokusatsu I have been watching (or expalin what that is for those who don't know) But for know read Tom's blog