Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Odds and Ends...

I read the first three issues of Fear Itself Marvel's summer crossover. I am enjoying it so far but one nagging thing the fear angle. Now maybe it is happening in the tie ins but so far there has been a lack of heroes feeling/confronting their greatest fears which was all over the teasers for this event.

Last week Gene Colan died.He was a great comic artist who was know for his dark lines and a sense of getting supernatural/horror and mechanical depending on what the story needed. More importantly he was the artist of Tomb of Dracula and a well remembered run on Batman. He was also the artist for Howard the Duck including the issues introducing KISS into comics.(yes that KISS).

See that picture? That is the new lineup for the JLA. Yeah the members you go who are they to?One is Element Woman a new version of an old character and somebody who looks like Black Canary but apparently isn't. Best bet is that it's Zealot from Wildcats(yeah I know)

Incidentally has I said on twitter,Wonder Woman's costume is probably the best of Jim Lee's redesigns. I like the use of silver and more toned down colors.

Any ideas for articles people? I can't review many current comics cause I am poor and jobless

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