Friday, November 30, 2012

Geeze where have I been? bits and bits

So sorry for lack of posts if you are even still reading this out there. :)
Here is a bit of this and that ramblings about whatever comes to mind has I stare at the computer screen
Top Chef- I have been following Top Chef since the start and generally find it engaging and good for what is essential a cooking reality show. The last few seasons and more so especially this season they are getting me to be less interested in the show cause they are doing something that I would consider something that the show didn't do before. That is they are catering to the bickering reality show stereotype. Top Chef was one of the few programs that didn't feature constant arguments and bad guy characters sure there was Marcel but he was more of a weasel then a bad guy. Has of the current season though they now have a guy who was labeled the bad guy chef right from the start and it's aggravating and dumb. I watch Top Chef to see cool dishes ,how chefs work ,and occasionally cute female chefs (cause I am shallow and human,this season its Danyell by the way )

FF- so FF number one came out this past week I am still broke but I need to read this

Spiderman- Unlike other people I am not up and arms about the ending of Amazing Spiderman at issue 700 cause guess what Marvel did it already about 10 yrs ago when JMS run began or before that with Byrne's run. The spoilers I heard about sound pretty intriguing and I don't fear change in comics like certain "comic fans". Dan Slott is a good writer who get's crap for something he has nothing to do with though he did hold up the Sundays Comic panel from starting one year at Wizard World Philly but I won't hold it against him.

Chikara-this Sunday on Chikara presents Under the Hood

Continue?- If I haven't plugged this show I don't know why but watch
This Sunday since I can't afford to watch Chikara also broadcasting from Philly Continue will be streaming gaming stuff

Arrow-I will do more later on this show but if you haven't tried it out yet watch this. Not for people who cry foul at changes to a comic charater just for the sake of complaining really good action and story and likable characters. I just hope we see Black Canary down the line