Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cyke & Wolvie in Hizzum Skizzum #1(spoilars!!!)

X-Men:Schism review.
First off thanks to my buddy Tom Kingsmill for letting me read this.It's nominally hard to review current comics when you are flat broke and sure has hell ain't stealing them. I should also preface this with I aside from Dark X-Men(which is a must read) I haven't much current X-Comics.

Now this is a how you do a X-Event!(at least for the beginning of one)Now this is leading to a another restart of the X-Books with a Cyclops led team and a Wolvie one but for now we get Sentinels being released around the world all orchestrated by an all new Hellfire Club with some kid and a bunch of mystery members. I bet at least one X-Men is one and it's not the obvious.

The aforementioned I guess is a new character has a great introduction unlike Kid Omega who incidentally appears also in a good set up scene and is dismissed by the new villain kinda like this fanboy did when he first appeared. Kade Kilgore is the kid's name and though is name sounds like he should be competing in FCW (Wrestling Joke) he seems like a revived take on the child mastermind.

One thing about Kade I don't know if it is intentional but he looks like a 12 year old version of the human form of the Beyonder? see images up top still haven't got use to adding images

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