Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lists people enjoy lists!

I know I know. I haven't been consistently updating this here blog. That will change soon. This weekend is shot because I will be visiting my folks but after that I want to at least have one post a week. Please people send me comments.

Now on to this post: I compiled some lists for your debating enjoyment
5 Superhero movies I want to see
1. Dr.Strange-how awesome would a Terry Gilliam directed Strange movie be? Answer very
2.Green Arrow-and no not that Supermax prison story rumor that was going around I want a adaptation of something akin to Longbow hunters or Year One with Dennis Quaid or to go younger Jensen Ackles
3.Firestorm-DC heres your Spiderman franchise
4.Captain Marvel-man this would be a fun,lighthearted movie the only drawback is having to call it Shazam
5.Iron Fist-do you like martial arts movies? do you like superheros?do you like mystical stuff? Hollywood make this movie and let the creators of the comic write it

5 Action Figures I want to see
1. Ambush Bug-of course he would come with Cheeks and ARRRGHLYE
2.Forbush Man-come on Marvel and while your at it bring back What THe!
3.Polar Boy-since there is already a Lightning Lad figure I went another favorite Legionaire though is there a Dawnstar figure?
4.Nighthawk-yeah he is a analog for Batman but Batman was never a Defender.
5.Captain Britain-in his most recent costume to go with the Union Jack figure I missed

10 Animated Superhero movies
1.X-men-Age of Apocalypse-worth it just to see Joe Mad's(remember him?)designs animated
2.Superman and the Legion of Superheros-the excellent recent story in Action that led into Legion of Three Worlds
3.Avengers Forever-if they did this justice I would cry tears of joy
4.Marvel Zombies-no brainer why hasnt this been made already?
5.Teen Titans Judas Contract-suppose to have been the second DCU movie.What happened?
6.TT Terror of Trigon-if not Judas Contract how about this?
7.Captain Britain/MI13-Vampire State-thats money right there
8.Infinity Gaultlet-this another movie story plus visuals would be grand
9.Justice League International-a funny superhero movie...on purpose?
10.Dr.Strange-The Montesi Formula- more vampires and origin for them

Okay I have some more but I will save them for later including an upcoming wrestling themed post.

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Doctor Who-Waters of Mars

This special airs tomorrow night in the UK. Sadly not here until December 19th. Come on I want to see it now. Water Zombies people! maybe i will watch Logopolis commentary to tide me over.
Incidentally that is want I want for Christmas Doctor Who dvds preferably old school cause I dont know if the newer ones have the commentary and pop up tracks.

Add on to previous post

Dark X-men looks to be another awesome mini.(I need new descriptive words) I mentioned before but Cornell and Kirk have a great synergy and quickly,in my eyes anyway a new got to team in comics. I think my next post will be about how more people should read Doom Patrol and Guardians of the Galaxy or maybe about which is the best Avengers title on the stands.

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

WHat I am buying X-men comics!

Yes me a guy who has not bought a X-men book since Scott and Jean got married(to be fair I read a few here and there over the years through friends) has bought one mini and and another over the last few months. This is due to the writing of one Paul Cornell and the art of Leonard Kirk on the first mini. Yes the team from the late lamented Captain Britain and MI-13. The minis are the two Dark X-men minis. The first one was more of how they came together with different teams handling the stories in each issue. Has an aside the best story was about Daken not by the afformentioned team but by Rob Williams and Paco Diaz who I am not familar with but he made me like Daken and that is no small feat. Anywho Paul Cornell also has the a Black Widow mini that also started this week, but havent not read it yet and a awesome Young Avengers mini.

Thanks to Donny Salvo of the Reality Wasted pocast for the plug. So anyone who came here from the mention leave a comment. Heck everybody reading this leave a comment. Tell me what you want to read about. What kinda of reviews. Should I go full spoiler? Also i still want to interview people for the blog so feel free to message me

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

New post soon

I will have a new big post soon honest just did not get much sleep last night. Sorry fans.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Quick update

Sorry if I haven't been consistent with my updates I am formulating some article ideas. Tomorrow is a big week comic wise at least for me so maybe I will post some reviews Thursday. In the pipeline I will be doing a speculation article on Marvel events in the future and one on Avengers teams and JLA teams.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dc Next Crossover? Pure Speculation

So with Blackest Night ending in March what will be the next big crossovers?
What comes after the Blackest Night?- While Brightest Day of course!

Brightest Day- now the ending of Blackest Night is going to feature a lot of revived heroes and such. My theory is this causes some imbalance between life and death(has hinted in Teen Titans way back when Geoff johns was still writing it)leading to some heroes/villians/supporting characters to sacrifice themselves by dieing again.

It has been hinted that there is a Superman crossover next year which makes sense to anyone reading the Superman family of books. Though I have no idea what it will be called I assume it be something like a new version of Invasion with Kryptonians,Daxamites,and Thangarians. Although there may be something bigger with the Legion planned with members popping up in the present DCU and the revelation SPOILERS!!!!!
that there is also Legion of Super Villians in the present.

So those are my two ideas. What are yours?
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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Quick post

No interviews lined up yet but I am working on it. In the meantime I figured I would do some reviews or maybe a character spotlight in the coming days. Well I will be going to Comic Universe later so we will see what comes out.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

First Post

Welcome to the CBAW! I decided to start a blog where I will post about comic books and whatever(duh) Anywho one thing I want to do is to feature mini interviews with people about said topics. Plus just reccomendations or just ramblings that wont fit on Facebook or Twitter:)


Angry Marks-mainly for O Show and Drunkcast. Avoid K4D only Mondays use to be good but went downhill fast

BTR Tope Con Coolio- a fun wrestling podcast

Comic Geek Speak- best general comic podcast

Doctor Whocast-Who with a European/Australian focus

Doctor Podshock-Who more focused on news and international stuff

Grizzly Bear egg Cafe- Mike Quackenbush and Clayton Morris just talk about stuff and they mentioned me

Lee and Z show-videogame show mainly listen cause I have a crush on Z and old school gaming stuff

Legion of Substitute Podcasters-if you are a Legion fan listen to this,heck even if you"choke"hate the Legion listen to this

Raging Bullets-DC podcast long reviews by too very postive DC fans which is nice to hear two reviewers who arent down about everything

Reality Wasted-movie and other talk,funny guys plus I have been mentioned multiple times.Four and half Chewbaccas

Secret Identity-comic talk/and second show of enterntainment news.Similar to Raging Bullets but not just DC focus

Smart Wrestling Fan-funny wrestling show but it was better with Wiggly sorry Joe although Dshpan has been hilarious last few weeks

Television Zombies-great geeky television analysis

Thought out of Context-Chris has cool little show that more people need to listen to.Talk ranges from movies to Rock Band to soda.

Tom vs. the Flash-reviews of old Flash comics

We Talk Games-fun especialy when talking old school games

A Wiggly World-insightful,funny,and
sometimes tech talk no one cares about by Wiggly(everyone should listen to this)

Wrestlecrap Radio-companion to the website nuff said

11 O Clock Comics-guys talk comics and drink

Introducing again

Comic Books and Whatever(since my first post disappeared) is where I will post about the title topic. Reviews and interviews and perhaps rants about primarily comics although I have a post about Entourage brewing in my noggin. I will be asking people through Facebook and twitter if it would be okay to interview them for this blog. I am thinking maybe some podcasters off the bat.


weird my first post hasnt shown up