Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"New" Ultimate Spidey Reactions Reaction/I can see for Miles

Let me preface this with I don't read U Spidey but I think this is an interesting idea moving the universe along and making it different from the 616. Though I like my idea of Peter coming back has the new Venom/Carnage.This little article isn't about my thought its about the narrow minded asses reacting to this on USA Today among others

1.No Miles wasn't created because Obama is President he actually has more in common with the online campaign to have Donald Glover play Spidey in the movie.That way of thinking is like why wasn't Captain America made into a drunken cokehead when W was President? Cause the President has no bearing on such things.

2.People are calling out the artist for saying that one day a black or gay or even both hero will be common place. They are saying stop equating the struggle of the two groups. Cause golly I guess we have to be all in seperate categories there can't be gay black people. Course I will get responses that I don't know anything cause I am white and straight.

3. One thing I will agree with was why did USA Today downplay the fact that Miles is half Hispanic? One commenter said it would be Spider Hombre but there has been a Spider Heroine Arana a few years ago.

4.Why is this a big deal to comic fans? I really don't think it is.Might lead to some good stories which is what matters but has I said in the preface I don't read Ultimate anyway.I wonder what people said when James Rhodes became Iron Man? Oh yeah that was the eighties before Marvel spoiled comics before they came out in major newspapers so only comic readers knew about stories.(ick I called USA Today a major newspaper that is how sad journalism is today)

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