Friday, July 8, 2011

Fear It Sells teaser

Just a quick one regarding this teaser for Fear Itself (credit to comicbookresources for the image) That can't just members of the current Avengers team can it? Why would they tease that? So here is my theory it is a lead in for a new Defenders series or something:) Iron Man isn't him maybe War Machine. Wolverine looks off and no neon highlights.That's Valkyrie with the sword and Dr. Strange with a staff or Namor (all three are Defenders) Ms Marvel on the left(but which one?)Iron Fist is another one that is too obvious since you can clearly see his symbol. Okay then there is Hawkeye and that dude(?)in back and woman next to him(?)

So this is either Defenders or new West Coast Avengers. Either way Fred Van Lente or Jeff Parker should be writing it if it goes to series.

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