Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Revengers!!! Mount up!

Thanks to check em out

See that its the Revengers. Apparently Wonder Man is back to his evil ways or is he? Assembling guys screwed over by Avengers or individual members.
Let's see we have Anti-Venom the former Venom Eddie Brock who actually was doing good but Spidey doesn't trust him cause Peter is kind of a ass about it.Powers basically like Venom but undefined healing powers

Ethan Edwards who was a Superman analogue in a story I never read and had to google him.I guess Superman type powers but not has cool has old school Hyperion(look him up)

Atlas was a Thunderbolt but killed off cause he could never completely reform.Growth powers

Devil Slayer was a Defender not sure how he ties in with the premise though he is a little crazy.Imagine Buffy(but predates her)but with a sword

Goliath nephew of the hero who got shot in the face by Tony Stark's Thor clone during Civil war Uh growth powers again.This would never happen in the Legion unless they were siblings :)

Century former Force Works guy(ugh)neat character not sure how he fits.Super axe thingy

Captain Ultra-comedy character who was turned down by the Avengers and I think was a Defender for a Day. basically Martian Manhunter abilities and phobia though I remember a story where he could make balloon animals

D-Man-Demolition Dunphy former wrestler and Cap sidekick.most notable for smelling bad. I love Bendis sometimes. He punches guys

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