Wednesday, June 8, 2011

X-Men:Overnight Mail review

THERE WILL BE SPOILARSSS!!!(tm Television Zombies)

So saw XMFC last night very frakkin good. If you enjoy well done super heroics and aren't a slave to continuity this film is great. What you say? I thought this was a prequel so how could blah blah blah. Yes this isn't a direct prequel to the other X-movies. It's a story of how the Xavier et all first form and some elements that tie the films together but it isn't leashed by say not using Emma Frost cause she was in the HORRIBLE Wolverine movie. Now to some good and bad points to the movie

Good-Most of the cast was quite good but head and shoulders above is Michael Fassbinder has Erik/Magneto(sidenote thank you for not using the Max Eisenstat or whatever they change Magneto name to)The dude is going to be big. Jennifer Lawrence(who plays Mystique)is another standout for me cause she has a cuteness and naturalness about her.

The sixties setting was fun and different for a superhero movie. The costuming and gadgets fit well.

The little nods to Marvel and cameos were funny without being in your face. Incidentally Xavier knows about Homo mermani does this mean FOX is doing a Namor movie?(screw you Vinnie Chase!)

BAD-not much really bad about this just a few really minor quibbles. January Jones has Emma Frost,she isn't has terrible has the internet is saying but she should have been more snooty and British.
The X-Men particularly Havok while good actors didn't seem like teenagers/early 20s of the early sixties.This really is only groaning bad when Havok calls Beast badass. Badass is not a sixties slang term.
Oh and why couldn't Banshee be Irish? If he was suppose to be Irish in the movie I couldn't tell sounds like a bad Brooklyn accent.
The other extremely minor quibble I had was Darwin. Though the quibble went away once he was killed off. When he was recruited I was hoping he was Sunspot.

Am I the only one who thought the island at the end was Krakoa?

All in a all great movie you should see but you don't have to take my word for it. dun duh dun!

Now bring on the New Mutants!

Almost forgot this movie features a better origin for Chuck's paralysis. In the comic it was an alien dude who dropped a boulder on P.X. because Chuck made fun of his Van Dyke.

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