Thursday, June 2, 2011

1.2. We have a new champ! wait no!

Okay to anyone that knows me or follows me on twitter(@soggyhydrox)know that I love wrestling.Please spare me the you know it isn't real crap or that MMA is so much cooler or even WWE/TNA is better. Wrestling fans are a lot like comics fans which is a future post right there.No today I want to talk about my favorite current wrestling company Chikara.

Now I could give you a mini history of Chikara but it might be easier just to go to or for that. You might ask okay then why should I like this Fed? Well I assume if you continued to read this you are a comic fan and a wrestling fan. Chikara has a continuity like a comic with the personalities to go with it. Great action and storytelling that keeps you involved.Plus the wrestlers both native and guest are fan freakin tastic. The main key to Chikara's success I think is availability of the talent to the fans
Okay I just wanted to do a quick post but to read more of Chikara and wrestling in general can't do any better then the Wrestling Blog
More on the DC Reboot soon and a Whatever Post on Doctor Who in the new era of my blog

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