Friday, July 29, 2011

Lord of the Claws or Game of Paws

Thundercats review-
So I just finished watching the first two episodes of the new Thundercats series,and I must say I enjoyed it. Okay more then just enjoyed it was very very well done. Instead of the Great Exodus from Thundera that opened the original series all the action takes place on Thundera. The Cats are the dominant species and the other species (so far only dogs and lizards seen)are seen has lower life and made slaves of. The Cats are sorta like Romans.The focus is on Lion-O training to be Lord of the Cats so you know where that will lead. Lion-O is fascinated by technology that for some reason has become a myth to most Cats.
I don't wanna give to much away plotwise but one funny thing is one character showed up 5 minutes after I wondered if he was in it.(Grune) Another Cat makes a cameo that was just clearly for fans and a in case we don't get to him moment. Lots of slight sound effects and music cues from the og show.Oh and OG Lion-O voice actor Larry Kenney plays King Cladius. I applaud the people on this show they are clearly fans

Two kind of funny things stood out for me all the commoner Cats look like Hayao Miyazaki designed them. The other is the group is structured like an old school RPG party. Lion-O the young hero thankfully without amnesia.Cheetara is the healer/light weapons.Tigra is the brash ace type guy(Han Solo) and Snarf is the pet
Somethings I don't like Snarf doesn't talk and Slithe doesn't do the YESSSSSSSS thing.So far Monkian and Jackalman haven't showed up but I am sure they will in coming episodes

I will do a longer review down the line instead of this rambling one maybe at the end of the season.I might actually write that one beforehand instead of off the top of my head
If you were a fan of the original or like fantasy/action jump right in and watch this.

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