Monday, June 13, 2011

Podcast Update

It has been awhile since I last updated my list of podcasts I listen to.

Art of Wrestling-Colt Cabana interviews fellow wrestlers about their life and their craft,sometimes incitefull frequently funny.

A Bit of Chat with Ken Plume- interview show with people in entertainment needs more James Urbaniak

Card Subject to Change Podcast Network-Programme w/Matt and Ben,Tope Con Coolio,and Saturday Night Slammasters-funny wrestling talk with a focus on Indies and Classic wrestling

Comic Geek Speak-love comics? you probably already listen to this :)

DR Who Podshock-good Whocast specially the live feedback shows

Dr Who Radio Free Skaro-the best Whocast I have heard

Doomhouse-not sure if this will continue since the premise has changed

Grizzly Bear Egg Cafe-Clayton and Mike share comic,movie,tv,and music news

I Want Wrestling-Dave Lagana does his own version of Art of Wrestling but mostly focusing on behind the scenes guys

Legion of Substitute Podcasters-must listen not only for Legion fans but DCU fans in general

On the Tube Podcast-Tina and James from Doomhouse talk movies and tv and life stuff. Funnier then I could describe

Radio Free Cybertron- Transformers talk

Raging Bullets- another great DCU podcast that our cool enough to link to this here blog

Reality Wasted-entertainment podcast who one of the guys reads this. Hi Donny! Is this podcast coming back?

Smart Video Game Fan-kind of a laid back video game talk

Smart Wrestling Fan-I still miss Wiggly on this but still a funny listen specially when Mr Mutant Larry is on

Television Zombies-I miss Tina(now on Tubecast)and her laugh on this but the other guys our cool and nice guys so i continue to listen

This American Life-just listen

Thoughts Out of Context-Chris is a good man who deserves more listen has he talks about wrestling,theater or other stuff

2 Minute Timelord-Chip talks about Who for about 2 minutes except when he doesn't

We Talk Games-Wiggly and others uhh talk games. Best video game podcast specially for more retro talk

A Wiggly World-Wiggly talks about life,religion,music,and tech talk but nobody cares about tech talk

Wrestlecrap Radio-Blade and RD sometimes actually talk wrestling. Still funny after all these years

The Wrestling Podcast-supplemental to my friend Tom's blog. Would listen even if I wasn't his friend :)

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