Wednesday, June 1, 2011

BIg DCU Reboot and a Legdrop

So I am sure you have read about the DC Universe reboot spinning out of Flashpoint.I will get into some details released but before that one interesting thing. There will 52 new number one issues. Will there be multiple Earths involved in this reboot? After all Grant Morrison's Multiversity is still on the backburner.
So what triggers this reboot you may ask? Well the main hook is probably whatever Barry Allen does to "fix" changes made in Flashpoint but another thing is Firestorm is set to meltdown around the time this reboot is happening has of the end of Brightest Day.

Okay on to the announced series so far:

Justice League: writer-Geoff Johns artist-Jim Lee Great creative team for the first reboot release but I have the nagging feeling that Jim Lee will only be artist for a few issues.The lineup is Wonder Woman,Supes,Batman,Flash,Green Lantern(Hal),Aquaman,and Cyborg

Birds of Prey-no creative team yet but Gail Simone is not involved

Teen Titans-writer-Fabian Nicieza Now I haven't read anything he has written in years but he has been getting acclaim for Red Robin and did write New Warriors in the 90s which was one of Marvel's best titles of the decade.

Justice Society of America-hoping for something good out of this but who knows

Wonder Woman-nothing known yet but I wonder(ha!)if this will be the long rumoured Geoff Johns/Adam Hughes collaboration.

Green Lantern-first evidence that this wont be a total reboot has this will carry on from the previous series plus there will be a Lantern Corps book. Though what happened to the Red Lantern book?

Hawkman-writer-James Robinson artist-maybe Philip Tan I hope this will be good. I love most of Robinson's work but his JLA has been iffy at times though the latest arc has been fun.I want the Indiana Jonesesque Carter Hall from the Golden Age mini.

Aquaman-writer-Geoff Johns artist-Ivan Reis series launching out of Brightest Day so again not a total reboot.

other points: I don't think Barry Allen will sacrifice himself again though Wally West might. Jim Lee is redesigning 50 costumes to streamline their looks and apparently the DCU will be getting more ethnically diverse. Does this mean Vibe is returning?
And no no one is selling thier soul to the devil.

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