Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WEllll first you go Blip Blip Blip !!! part2

Benzaie Time- Benzaie is the Fabio of or at least he sees himself that way :) He mainly does game stuff including playthroughs of hentai games has Let's Fap. Trust me they are funny

Brows Held High-Ralph Oancitizen's show is a look at Indie/Arthouse films both good and bad from Angels in America to Trash Humpers. also a killer Bowie tribute on the Man who Fell to Earth.

Clan of the Gray Wolf-non TGWTG show game. this one is about 16 Bit Classics. This is probably my favorite era of gaming and when I was most heavily gaming myself.

Good Bad Flicks-what the label says on the tin. very varied choices on the movies brought up from Re-Animator to Jack Frost

Maven of the Eventide-Elisa from Team Nostalgia Chick in vampire form. She overdramitically takes on vampire related things. It's funny now Nella needs a science fiction show

Terror Obscura- horror movie overviews. just finished up the regular Nightmare on Elm Street movies

Pat Nes Punk-Pat tackles (heh pun he just did Tecmo Bowl) NES games. He may have the largest collection of NES games gaze in wonder at it

MarzGurl-mostly animated reviews she tends to be more focused on what works and doesn't about a movie then getting the funny out of them. Not a knock she makes good points and should write a book about Don Bluth

Jesuotaku-anime reviews I just subscribe to her a little while ago.really good indepth takes on anime series specially with what I have watched Digimon


  1. Hey, good list so far. But I should mention that Clan of the Gray Wolf is part of TGWTG, or at least the gaming site Blistered Thumbs.

    1. oops forgot he was on Blistered Thumbs. Thanks for the comment