Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Blip shows Part 1 That Guy with the Blip Subs

Hey you may remember a post on podcast listen to(which will be updated soon) now here is some review shows I watch on blip.tv

Angry Joe- videogame reviews though despite name not really angry more goofy but informative I tend to trust his views on games even if I don't agree entirely with him.

Atop the Fourth Wall (Linkara)- if you are a comic book fan watch this show. sort of like a one man riff trax on on bad comics highlighted by occasionally forays into it's own storylines

Blood Splattered Cinema-horror movie reviews which features book/movie which is better specials which are the best part of the show

Diamanda Hagan-Hail Hagan! Diamanda Hagan is an evil dictator who tackles sick twisted and occasionally supposed erotic movies with the help of her minions. Glad she is getting more notice on ThatGuywitheGlasses.com Seek her out and give her some love

Film Brain- British movie reviewer who usually does action movies in Bad Movie Beatdown or just general reviews in Projector. Reccomended Steven Seagal month

Nostalgia Critic- The Critic was the gateway and namesake of ThatGuywithGlasses. He remembers it so you don't have to. Doing movies from the 80's to the late 90's. Check out his Care Bear reviews to get a taste

Nostalgia Chick-spin off of Critic initially she has grown into more then just female version of Critic to taking a more analytical approach to movies without losing fart jokes. Plus she has her equally funny friends Elisa(who I will talk about later) and Nella (who needs her own show love her!)

Pawdugan-Paul does playthroughs of games mostly old point and click games(think Space Quest) but the main reason I watch is his Music Movies. In it he goes through musicals and then rates the best and worst of said musical

Pushing Up Roses- Roses does game play throughs much like Paw but pokes fun at them has she goes. plus she is a Monkees fan so she is okay in my book ( credit to tvtropes for the picture)

okay this is going to run a few parts ..

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