Thursday, February 9, 2012

Blip the Dip the Ladies Pimp Part3

Part3 of the Blip Shows I subscribe to!

From Pixel to Plastic- Pixel Dan does in depth reviews of toys new and old.If you have toy questions ask him.

He is an Evil Genius- Weird Video Games is bout uhh weird video games. short little bits about bizarre games

MikeJTV-Mike J is a British person. Known mostly for Shameful Sequels series on terrible sequels of usually bad movies to begin with.

Scrolls of Eternia-overview of Masters of the Universe/He-Man toylines,comics,and cartoons.Really great insights for fans like myself

Retsupurae-Diabeetus and Slowbeef MST3K the hell out of Let's Plays of Bad Video Games and also hope Mike Dawson finally wins the ring toss

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