Thursday, February 9, 2012

Part 4 of Blip THE FINAL for now

Cinema Snob- reviews schlock,porn,exploitation,horror,etc from the dawn of film to the early 90s.One of the slickest reviewers. Should really do a slow jazz radio show. I kid I kid. He sets the bar when it comes to what kind of films to do.

Spoony-does game and movie reviews. perfectly portrays the frustrations when playing certain games or watching dumb movies. Look for Mazes and Monsters review or his Final Fantasy 10 stuff to see what I mean

Obscuras Lupa-she reviews action movies,horror movies and series of horror and action of the best at what she does and is almost has prolific has....

Phelous-I think the most consistently funny reviewer out there. he reviews mostly horror from the 90s to today. show is filled with jokes making fun of his own show even the whole being a reviewer. Word of warning watch a few other shows first makes Phelous's in jokes and metaness even funnier.

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