Saturday, July 30, 2011

Iron Manime episode Quick review

So G4 after months of showing commercials finally premiered Iron Man and Wolverine animes last night. I made it five minutes into Wolverine so that should tell you the quality of Iron Man.
The story seems to take place in the movie universe has Tony Stark is in Japan to build an arc reactor and train a replacement. Way to help the US economy there Tony!. So basically the replacement unit Dio goes rogue and is quickly defeated. No really I have seen longer fights with Tyson involved. i must have missed something though cause after the he is attacked by a xenomorph from Aliens and then it's gone. Roll credits. Wolverine starts I laugh at Milo Ventmiglia has Wolvie and turn it off.

Okay the good about it. When its not cgi the Iron man armors design is great.

Now the ugly like Icarus's tattoo ugly.(wrestling joke)The horrible dubbing is mid eighties/early nineties bad.It seems like the actors just read a script then people just played the audio track over the show.Also has noted on twitter(soggyhydrox)the cgi is lacking and shoehorned into the show. I have hope for X-Men and Blade(oddly enough)but not much

I know he is credited has such but are we sure Warren Ellis wrote this? Though he did write Extremis which was BORRRIINNNGGG for the most part he is quality. I don't blame him even man's gotta eat

Friday, July 29, 2011


Thanks for reading people remember leave comments. Going over start looks like people were searching for Earth 2 Robin stuff when I posted that article what a year or so ago. Go figure. I should do another costume post.

Lord of the Claws or Game of Paws

Thundercats review-
So I just finished watching the first two episodes of the new Thundercats series,and I must say I enjoyed it. Okay more then just enjoyed it was very very well done. Instead of the Great Exodus from Thundera that opened the original series all the action takes place on Thundera. The Cats are the dominant species and the other species (so far only dogs and lizards seen)are seen has lower life and made slaves of. The Cats are sorta like Romans.The focus is on Lion-O training to be Lord of the Cats so you know where that will lead. Lion-O is fascinated by technology that for some reason has become a myth to most Cats.
I don't wanna give to much away plotwise but one funny thing is one character showed up 5 minutes after I wondered if he was in it.(Grune) Another Cat makes a cameo that was just clearly for fans and a in case we don't get to him moment. Lots of slight sound effects and music cues from the og show.Oh and OG Lion-O voice actor Larry Kenney plays King Cladius. I applaud the people on this show they are clearly fans

Two kind of funny things stood out for me all the commoner Cats look like Hayao Miyazaki designed them. The other is the group is structured like an old school RPG party. Lion-O the young hero thankfully without amnesia.Cheetara is the healer/light weapons.Tigra is the brash ace type guy(Han Solo) and Snarf is the pet
Somethings I don't like Snarf doesn't talk and Slithe doesn't do the YESSSSSSSS thing.So far Monkian and Jackalman haven't showed up but I am sure they will in coming episodes

I will do a longer review down the line instead of this rambling one maybe at the end of the season.I might actually write that one beforehand instead of off the top of my head
If you were a fan of the original or like fantasy/action jump right in and watch this.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cyke & Wolvie in Hizzum Skizzum #1(spoilars!!!)

X-Men:Schism review.
First off thanks to my buddy Tom Kingsmill for letting me read this.It's nominally hard to review current comics when you are flat broke and sure has hell ain't stealing them. I should also preface this with I aside from Dark X-Men(which is a must read) I haven't much current X-Comics.

Now this is a how you do a X-Event!(at least for the beginning of one)Now this is leading to a another restart of the X-Books with a Cyclops led team and a Wolvie one but for now we get Sentinels being released around the world all orchestrated by an all new Hellfire Club with some kid and a bunch of mystery members. I bet at least one X-Men is one and it's not the obvious.

The aforementioned I guess is a new character has a great introduction unlike Kid Omega who incidentally appears also in a good set up scene and is dismissed by the new villain kinda like this fanboy did when he first appeared. Kade Kilgore is the kid's name and though is name sounds like he should be competing in FCW (Wrestling Joke) he seems like a revived take on the child mastermind.

One thing about Kade I don't know if it is intentional but he looks like a 12 year old version of the human form of the Beyonder? see images up top still haven't got use to adding images

Friday, July 8, 2011

Fear It Sells teaser

Just a quick one regarding this teaser for Fear Itself (credit to comicbookresources for the image) That can't just members of the current Avengers team can it? Why would they tease that? So here is my theory it is a lead in for a new Defenders series or something:) Iron Man isn't him maybe War Machine. Wolverine looks off and no neon highlights.That's Valkyrie with the sword and Dr. Strange with a staff or Namor (all three are Defenders) Ms Marvel on the left(but which one?)Iron Fist is another one that is too obvious since you can clearly see his symbol. Okay then there is Hawkeye and that dude(?)in back and woman next to him(?)

So this is either Defenders or new West Coast Avengers. Either way Fred Van Lente or Jeff Parker should be writing it if it goes to series.