Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pimping Podcasts

I would like to take my standing has a blogger that everyone and their mother reads(let me have my delusions)and pimp a podcast I listen to.

Question to like the show True Blood? Do you like discussion about said show and people making you laugh? Do you like commentators that are not scientists but know celebrity heights? Then listen to Fozzie and Tina Spread TB available through that site or itunes
Listen Love it

Doctor ?

So legion of super..err fans often ask me: Do you like Doctor Who? The answer is yes. So you may ask who is your favorite Doctor?

The answer would be

Peter Davison has the 5th Doctor. Betcha thought I would say Tom Baker or David Tennant huh? Nothing against them they are great but the 5th is the big brother of the Doctors. Almost like Spider-man has a Timelord (ooh now there's a fan fic right there)

Yeah sorry if this is a short one. Tomorrow expect a defense of Adric and Colin Baker's 6th Doctor article

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Holy Crap!

I was nominated for CBS Philly Most Valuable Blogger!


New 52

So the New 52 DC Relaunch starts next week and I can't afford it :( So hypothetically if I could afford it I picked out the 5 titles I want to read most(note these are the new titles not the restarts like JLA etc.) in no particular order
1. Fury of Firestorm- by Gail Simone/Ethan Van Sciver and art by Yildray Cinar
2. Demon Knights-by Paul Cornell and art by Diogenes Neves
3.Stormwatch by Paul Cornell and art by Miguel Sepulveda
4.Justice League Dark- Peter Milligan and art by Mikel Janin
5. Legion Lost - by Fabian Nicieza and art by Pete Woods

and honorable mention goes to Animal Man,Swamp Thing,Frankenstein,and the Red Lantern books

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Comics 4 Sale

Hey would anyone be interested in buying some comics? I have been out of work for quite some time and dead broke(which is why I can't keep up with current stuff) They are in good condition clearly for reading has I am not super anal about keeping them pristine. (uh oh I just put super anal in a post I am gonna get some disappointed google searches) if interested drop me a comment or tweet @soggyhydrox

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Revengers!!! Mount up!

Thanks to check em out

See that its the Revengers. Apparently Wonder Man is back to his evil ways or is he? Assembling guys screwed over by Avengers or individual members.
Let's see we have Anti-Venom the former Venom Eddie Brock who actually was doing good but Spidey doesn't trust him cause Peter is kind of a ass about it.Powers basically like Venom but undefined healing powers

Ethan Edwards who was a Superman analogue in a story I never read and had to google him.I guess Superman type powers but not has cool has old school Hyperion(look him up)

Atlas was a Thunderbolt but killed off cause he could never completely reform.Growth powers

Devil Slayer was a Defender not sure how he ties in with the premise though he is a little crazy.Imagine Buffy(but predates her)but with a sword

Goliath nephew of the hero who got shot in the face by Tony Stark's Thor clone during Civil war Uh growth powers again.This would never happen in the Legion unless they were siblings :)

Century former Force Works guy(ugh)neat character not sure how he fits.Super axe thingy

Captain Ultra-comedy character who was turned down by the Avengers and I think was a Defender for a Day. basically Martian Manhunter abilities and phobia though I remember a story where he could make balloon animals

D-Man-Demolition Dunphy former wrestler and Cap sidekick.most notable for smelling bad. I love Bendis sometimes. He punches guys

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Plea to readers

well not a plea. just asking you the humble readers what do you want to read about?
Update on the stats readers from the Netherlands and Iran of all places. I have readers in South Korea and I didn't even mention Starcraft! ZERG Protoss


Hey just checking stats. 12 page views from Russia. 8 from Latvia. and 1 each from Turkey and Romania Traveling across Europe baby!

Has always people please comments

"New" Ultimate Spidey Reactions Reaction/I can see for Miles

Let me preface this with I don't read U Spidey but I think this is an interesting idea moving the universe along and making it different from the 616. Though I like my idea of Peter coming back has the new Venom/Carnage.This little article isn't about my thought its about the narrow minded asses reacting to this on USA Today among others

1.No Miles wasn't created because Obama is President he actually has more in common with the online campaign to have Donald Glover play Spidey in the movie.That way of thinking is like why wasn't Captain America made into a drunken cokehead when W was President? Cause the President has no bearing on such things.

2.People are calling out the artist for saying that one day a black or gay or even both hero will be common place. They are saying stop equating the struggle of the two groups. Cause golly I guess we have to be all in seperate categories there can't be gay black people. Course I will get responses that I don't know anything cause I am white and straight.

3. One thing I will agree with was why did USA Today downplay the fact that Miles is half Hispanic? One commenter said it would be Spider Hombre but there has been a Spider Heroine Arana a few years ago.

4.Why is this a big deal to comic fans? I really don't think it is.Might lead to some good stories which is what matters but has I said in the preface I don't read Ultimate anyway.I wonder what people said when James Rhodes became Iron Man? Oh yeah that was the eighties before Marvel spoiled comics before they came out in major newspapers so only comic readers knew about stories.(ick I called USA Today a major newspaper that is how sad journalism is today)