Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lists people enjoy lists!

I know I know. I haven't been consistently updating this here blog. That will change soon. This weekend is shot because I will be visiting my folks but after that I want to at least have one post a week. Please people send me comments.

Now on to this post: I compiled some lists for your debating enjoyment
5 Superhero movies I want to see
1. Dr.Strange-how awesome would a Terry Gilliam directed Strange movie be? Answer very
2.Green Arrow-and no not that Supermax prison story rumor that was going around I want a adaptation of something akin to Longbow hunters or Year One with Dennis Quaid or to go younger Jensen Ackles
3.Firestorm-DC heres your Spiderman franchise
4.Captain Marvel-man this would be a fun,lighthearted movie the only drawback is having to call it Shazam
5.Iron Fist-do you like martial arts movies? do you like superheros?do you like mystical stuff? Hollywood make this movie and let the creators of the comic write it

5 Action Figures I want to see
1. Ambush Bug-of course he would come with Cheeks and ARRRGHLYE
2.Forbush Man-come on Marvel and while your at it bring back What THe!
3.Polar Boy-since there is already a Lightning Lad figure I went another favorite Legionaire though is there a Dawnstar figure?
4.Nighthawk-yeah he is a analog for Batman but Batman was never a Defender.
5.Captain Britain-in his most recent costume to go with the Union Jack figure I missed

10 Animated Superhero movies
1.X-men-Age of Apocalypse-worth it just to see Joe Mad's(remember him?)designs animated
2.Superman and the Legion of Superheros-the excellent recent story in Action that led into Legion of Three Worlds
3.Avengers Forever-if they did this justice I would cry tears of joy
4.Marvel Zombies-no brainer why hasnt this been made already?
5.Teen Titans Judas Contract-suppose to have been the second DCU movie.What happened?
6.TT Terror of Trigon-if not Judas Contract how about this?
7.Captain Britain/MI13-Vampire State-thats money right there
8.Infinity Gaultlet-this another movie story plus visuals would be grand
9.Justice League International-a funny superhero movie...on purpose?
10.Dr.Strange-The Montesi Formula- more vampires and origin for them

Okay I have some more but I will save them for later including an upcoming wrestling themed post.

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  1. Interesting thought that Firestorm could be DC's next big comic book franchise. After all, he was modeled quite a bit on Spider-Man (i.e. teenager, sense of humor, angst, reversal of the brainy/bully model, etc).

    I know I'd enjoy it! Great list! Happy Holidays!

    The Irredeemable Shag