Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dc Next Crossover? Pure Speculation

So with Blackest Night ending in March what will be the next big crossovers?
What comes after the Blackest Night?- While Brightest Day of course!

Brightest Day- now the ending of Blackest Night is going to feature a lot of revived heroes and such. My theory is this causes some imbalance between life and death(has hinted in Teen Titans way back when Geoff johns was still writing it)leading to some heroes/villians/supporting characters to sacrifice themselves by dieing again.

It has been hinted that there is a Superman crossover next year which makes sense to anyone reading the Superman family of books. Though I have no idea what it will be called I assume it be something like a new version of Invasion with Kryptonians,Daxamites,and Thangarians. Although there may be something bigger with the Legion planned with members popping up in the present DCU and the revelation SPOILERS!!!!!
that there is also Legion of Super Villians in the present.

So those are my two ideas. What are yours?
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