Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Reviews featuring Space Iguanas and Oddly different GOTG(though I think I know why not the iguanas though)

Thanks to my best friend Tom for providing me with Guardians of the Galaxy .1 and 1 and Thanos Rising 1.

Now issue one is a good retelling expansion on the origin of Starlord. One weird thing about it is that the depiction of his father doesn't mess with the character in GOTG 1. There is also the fact that Peter suddenly has blond hair but I think there is a reason for that which I will get to next issue.

Okay issue one is mostly a team re-intro and Iron Man joining with his awful new armor.Groot,Raccoon,and Drax seem to be the same characters has previous. Gamora is slightly odd to me almost like Topaz from the Ultraverse right down to her weapons that might be unintentional,.I will get to Starlord in a moment but first the plot. Peter meets with his Father who is suddenly King of the Universe(which makes no sense whatsoever) and rules over Kree/Shiar etc lot of help you did there during those wars and stuff schmuck. So King Quill said Earth is off limits form aliens so he can conquer it huh? Yeah I don't get it either.
Now to Starlord he is back from the dead with no explanation,blond,and back to his original costume.On the letters page of both issues the word infinite is brought up when referring to Starlord. So I figured out that this Starlord and possibly his Father and the whole GOTG heck the whole universe in this book is not the 616 version. That or a wizard did it.


Thanos Rising expands on his origin gearing up for his appearance in some movie :) The weird thing about this book is the space iguanas that feature on Titan the Eternals home. I don't know if this was Jason Aaron's or Simone Bianchi's choice but it's really silly looking. Heck they may have featured years ago and I don't remember but they change other things why not that? This comic was well written and while Bianchi is a great artist I still haven't read something that his art fit. Oh and spoiler alert the girl talking to teen Thanos is Death :)
 Until the utter collapse of Civilization Make Mine Marvel,DC,Image,Drak Horse,IDW,Valiant etc

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