Thursday, February 21, 2013

Podcasts 2013

Before I get into my podcast I listen to currently round up a roo. I would like to say welcome back to PushingUpRoses who is back on Youtube


Art of Wrestling- Indy Wrestling Ambassador Colt Cabana interviews fellow wrestlers about their crafy and life and such
Bad Wrestling Radio- offshoot of Redcard Headbutt on Youtube funny stuff
A Bit of Chat- Ken Plume interviews people anyone from Mel Brooks to various other writers and performers
CSTC-mainly listen for Programme with Matt and Ben which is great wrestling talk but features a political show and a ummm Funky show Dashizznet :)
Comic Geek Speak- comic talk continues even without the two founders no longer regular contributors
ContinueCast- offshoot of Continue 4 guys from Philly play a game then commentate on it. funny talented guys that I should friend now before they are huge comedy stars :)
Radio Free Skaro- for my money the best Doctor Who podcast out there insightful and sense of humor and great reviews of new and old Who
Flagpoints- a Gi Joe podcast that I am still getting use to so not much to write about it
FozzieandTina- Tina from TVZ(who returned to that show YEAH!)and her friend Fozzie talk tv and weird faces. how fun is this show you ask? they frequently talk about Survivor and I still listen
GravityFalls Gossiper- Chris Haley and  rapper Adam Warrock discuss the fantastic show Gravity Falls and other shows and ramble and X-Men
Grizzly Bear Egg Cafe- Clayton Morris newsman extraordinaire and Mat Master Lightning Mike Quackenbush delve into Pop Culture for your listening pleasure
Hardcore Gaming 101- game review podcast from the eponymous  site
Legion of Substitute Podcasters- primarily a Legion of Superheroes podcast but often a DCU in general worth listening even you are just a slight comic fan
Old School Wrestling Podcast- reviews of classic matches with a sense of humor and a little history lesson on the business we call Pro Wrestling
OSW Review- video review of the Hulkamania era(so far) of WWF starting with Wrestlemania 1 Hilarious!
PullPile Podcast- funny comic review/news show probably one of the best
Radio Free Cybertron- Transformers talk show
Raging Bullets- two guys talk about DC Comics two of the nicest guys out there who go indepth on comics The internet/World needs more positive fans like Sean and Jim
RD and Blade Show- formely Wrestlecrap Radio now more freeform ramble and no characters calling in
SmartVideogame Fan- what the name says on the tin
Smart Wrestling Fan- Wrestling review show of the past week fun and one of the shows I have been listening to the longest
Television Zombies- sci fi,fantasy genre tv talk really good
This American Life- slices of life stories
Thoughts Out of Context- Chris reviews soda,tv,plays,wrestling or what have you good dude who I should hang out with more at shows and should in general
2 Minute Timelord- vChip has little snippets about Who
We Talk Games- little of everything videogame show currently on hiatus :(
Whotinnies- a little of everything of sci fi
A Wiggly World- Wiggly delves into religion,politics,old toys,music,and tech talk but nobody cares about that

The Wrestling Podcast- My friend Tom or TH if you will interviews wrestling pundits and even The Whole Reffing Show Bryce Remburg also check out if you havent already

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  1. Hey man! Thanks for the kind words! Glad you're enjoying the 'show'. Long Live the Legion and all that.