Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New DC Logo is GOOOOO!!!!

this is the new logo for Dunder Mifflin Infinity...

No apparently it's DC Comics new logo starting in March. The idea is that the D is peeling back revealing a C whch will have different colors/designs depending on the title. Even with that it is really bland. Why does every thing seem to be getting a overhaul to make things smaller and/or blander or just cluttered these days? For an idea of what I mean see Facebook timeline or any website that has been redone in the last 10 minutes.

Now I understand the need for a new logo(which should have happened in September)with the new 52 (52!) and everything that goes with it(thanks Freddie) I want something memorable though like the DC Bullet or even the DC Detergent logo not the ho hum we are getting.

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