Saturday, January 14, 2012

ECW,90s Comic.and theeee Dragonnn and Me!

This Saturday(right now has I type this matter of factually) brings the end of the ECW Arena in South Philly has a venue for wrestling....Wait come back disinterested non-wrestling fans! Now there is and will be many blogs and whatnot mentioning how crappy it is that the Arena is closing to wrestling or eulogizing ECW for the billionth time.Sure ECW may have started in the building but ECW is gone has been since 2001.

Has an aside to someone who may be reading this blog has a comic fan but not a wrestling one.ECW was like Image Comics in reverse. Instead of people leaving to form their own company.They left ECW to bring their talents and influence to the "big" leagues.

I am over ECW.I still like things about it but on the whole I don't enjoy it like I once did.Again and again I read about wrestling fans wanting to return to what is known has the Attitude Era of the WWE. This was the period from 97-2001 where among other things the more rampant violence and language of ECW spread to WWE/WCW much like Image influence permeated the comics industry.

Wrestling and the Comics Industries need to move forward take influence from all eras not just try to mimic one period be it's own thing. Comics is showing that in some cases such has Demon Knights or OMAC and wrestling is certainly showing that with Chikara but I just wish less people had the attitude that we need to rehash the past ad hoc and not try to evolve

ps. how weird is it to see Bob Harras working for DC?

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  1. The only folks who want a return to the Attitude Era are the ones who "grew up" with it.
    As it was happening, the Attitude Era was a lot of fun, and brought in a lot of non-fans, but these people mostly just wanted to see Austin and The Rock and didn't care for much else.