Friday, January 15, 2010

Some reviews and stuff there will be SPOLIERZ

Okay I have been behind. So sue me.Maybe I will do something different later this weekend but knowing me it will be Cthulu knows when. Thinking about a wrestling post or maybe a Dr. Who one or maybe Dr Who wrestling post:) For now some reviews of comics from the last coupla weeks. Basically some comics I grabbed off the pile by my bed.
First up-
writer-Brian Reed
art-Chris Samnee
This is the Siege version of Frontline. Those not in the know Frontline is the Marvel Underground newspaper/website journalists this time getting the story of the Asgard invasion traveling with Volstagg. This seems to be better already then the previous Frontline minis(it better be cause I am buying this one instead of reading Tom's) I know Marvel is going political again,heck Glen Beck is in this,but wouldnt the stadium blowing up be another Stamford Incident? Nope its a terrorist attack so were invading Asgard! Yeah I know Loki is manipulating Osborn its a monr quibble in what is shaping up to be better then the really disappointing World War Hulk and the actually cool but the spin offs were better Secret Invasion. One thing why is the Siege logo the LOST one?

one more cause its getting close to Conan time

JSA All Stars

writer-Matthew Sturges
artist-Freddie Williams 2nd
has much has I have supported JSA over the years ,since Starman kindled my love for the Golden Age heroes to the previous series to today,I came close to not buying this issue after the so-so first issue. I bought it anyway enjoyed seeing the Injustice Society although kinda out of character for some of them. The cliffhanger has me for at least one more issue. What really got me was...
The Co-Feature
Libery Belle/Hourman
Writer-Jen Van Meter
Artist-Travis Moore
Now this is more like it! Jen Van Meter wrote the Jsa Classified arc about the Injustice Society a few years ago which is a great read. She gets the characters and really should be writing the main book. Sorry Sean and Jim at Raging Bullets wish I could have has much enusiasm for this book has you guys do. While I enjoy it not has got a read every month vibe that the previous JSA series did for me. I will give it a couple more months out of love for the characters and the co-feature then I will decide

Since I podcast dropped heres a link

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