Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Podcasts 2015

Man long time since last post so inspired by my cousin's query has to if I update this anymore I guess I will now. 

Podcasts I currently listen to 2015 edition
Art of Wrestling- Colt Cabana interviews fellow wrestlers about stuff

Attitude Era Podcast- funny show about late 90s WWF
Bit of Chat - Ken Plume interviews comedians,actors,and other creative type people

Cinema Swirl- Sam hasn't seen many movies Kefin has

Dc legends of Tomorrow-podcast about upcoming show technically hasnt started yet

Radio Free Skaro-Best Doctor Who podcast out there

Flash podcast-podcast about the show 

Generic Videogame Podcast-discussions about gaming stuff

Giant Media Ball- catch all for various podcasts without the fleas

Grizzly Bear Egg cafe- Clayton Morris and Mike Quackenbush discuss movies,music,life

Hardcore Gaming 101- companion to website

Legion of Subs-continues to be one of the best comic podcasts

Comic Geek Speak- oops almost forgot it the best Comic podcast

New Gen Podcast- about early to mid 90s WWF equally has funny has Attitude Era 

Old School wrestling-reviews of various good and bad wrestling hey its good enough that I bought a book the host wrote :)

Radio free Cybertron-Transformer podcast i collect through them cause I acnt afford to myself

Rd & Blade Show- host of the ended Wrestlecrap podcast tried something not wrestling related and it morphed into the old show 

Smart Videogame Fan- games games games

Smart wrestling Fan- running 10 yrs now!

Superhero Time-Toku podcast though they arent particularly liking current shows

Talkin Toku-another Toku podcast but more of specific topic per episode and only monthly or so

Televison Zombies-still good even with revolving hosts

Thought Out of Context- my friend Chris reviews movies,tv,his goings on

2minute Timelord-Doctor Who topics condensed to 2 minutes 

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