Saturday, June 30, 2012

Kajutron or Uprising of the Duel Masters

So I watched the first episode of Tron Uprising and the first four episodes of Kajudo. I really enjoyed one and felt the other was lacking a lot. Maybe by that first sentence you can kind of guess which is which.

The premise if anyone doesn't know is this bridges some of the gap between Tron 1 and 2. So I was going into watching this thinking it would be a cool use of the Tron concept and...nope.First off the thing that hits you like an anvil is the animation. So herky jerky why this is suppose to be Disney,who let this one slide? If you can get by this the second big thing is the plot. Now maybe some of this will be cleared up later but I think the better story would be between Tron 1 and the story told in this cause the world has established in the first episode is wayyyyyyy different then seen in Tron. That leads to the third problem. Uprising doesn't feel like it's in a computer world it just feels like a lousy action cartoon with neon. I mean come on rain?

The premise of this one is kids controlling beasts to stop a bad guy trying to use said beasts for nefarious purposes. Well more then that but that is the basic jist. Think Digimon in the real world.
I watched the first episode on a whim thinking this will be stupid. Man I was wrong my summation of it is kind of dumb but give it a chance.This was a well done show that sure it has the message of the week feel but not ham fisted about it. I really like the animation and designs of this. Not has good has but feels like the same way Avatar took major influence from anime and martial arts this takes from anime kid's shows (Digimon,Yu Gih Oh)and monster movies and makes it work.

Incidentally I need this on 360

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