Monday, April 9, 2012

Dream Projects Part 2 DC

Yes after more then a year a follow up article inspired by @RAH_UNIQUE on teh Twitters.

Last time I did Marvel Projects I would like to see now for some DC ones. Note I had a harder time coming with writer or artist or both for some of these. Suggestions in the comments are not only encouraged they are allowed (wrestling joke)

Wanderers- one of the coolest results of Legion of 3 Worlds was one of the teams took the name of a 80s sci fi comic and are now wandering the multiverse but yet haven't been seen since. Rectify this DC. Don't give me New 52 argument the multiverse exist and so do they.

Codenamed Nemesis- Earth 2 book featuring Nemesis(remember him from JSA?)hunting down guys like Ultra Humanite,Kobra etc. also features Richard Dragon and Kobra's twin brother who I can't be arsed to look up right now

Black Lightning- DC here is your version of Daredevil right in front of you w/Ann Noncenti a/Mike Perkins

Lex Luthor- annual minis by the Action Comics Luthor run w/Paul Cornell a/ Pete Woods

Ambush Bug-like you had to ask? I am a huge Bug fan having tracked down all his appearances even a rpg supplement I got for my birthday one year. So yeah the usual guys would be doing this. I see has not only the Bug but other teams doing various humor back ups

Flash Rogues- face it the best part of Flash is the Rogues. w/JM DeMatteis a/Kevin Maguire

The Hot and The Cold:Sun Boy and Polar Boy-mini featuring two Legionaires I happen to really like and work well together w/Marv Wolfman a/Phil Jimenez

okay that is it for now Please leave comments on the bottom and enjoy

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