Friday, March 23, 2012

Legion of 3 Worlds intro

I love the Legion of Superheroes. I am no expert not having read it consistently until a few years ago though through back issues and I am getting caught up in knowledge.

My first exposure to the Legion was from the DC Pocket Book series I got from a yard sale when I was maybe 10 years old. Sadly I don't have it anymore I still have The Neal Adams Batman,Worlds Finest.and Superman one. The Legion and Justice League ones were sacrificed years ago by my Dad to prop up a desk. The two stories I remember from it are the origin and the intro of the 3 original Legion of Supervillains.

I think my favorite Legionaires are Lightning Lad and Polar Boy for now anyways my favorite often changes but those two are defintely in the top 5 :) I love the Subs (not just the podcast) having been exposed to them during my goal of having all of Ambush Bug's appearances . If you haven't read it people get the Sub Special hilarious and full of great Keith Giffen art.

Okay I am going to do issue by issue spotlight of favorite parts of LO3Ws. Nothing expansive but just fun article idea. Part One to come

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