Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Comic Updates

Hey everyone! It's been awhile hasn't it? Yeah my bad. Kids still say that right?

Brightest Day
(has of issue 6)-okay maybe I was wrong about the ending of Blackest Night. The beauty of the story so far is each segment is on equal footing in that there isn't a part that I would just skim over to get to the next. That is not to say there isn't a standout. In general Aquaman is the strongest segment with Firestorm being a personal favorite.
I think we all have seen the teaser image that opens this article. Sorry its not bigger but I had hell of a time just getting it there. One of the weirdest most interesting rumours stemming from this is that tree with the white lantern symbol. Some people are saying that will lead to swamp Thing returning to the DCU. Any other rumours please feel free to comment that goes with anything I post.

Later in the week(which could be anytime in the next few months:P)I will do a write up on the Avengers so far. Now its time for a new recurring feature Coolest Comic Book Costumes! First up Earth 2 Robin. No not that grey thing originally worn by the adult Dick Grayson of Earth 2 but the costume originally made for the Earth 1 Robin but adopted by the E-2 counterpart. A version of this costume can be seen in Batman Brave and the Bold.Which every DCU fan should watch' Really fun cartoon. Please send in suggestions for future CCBCs

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