Sunday, February 7, 2010

Things I am excited for Comic Edition!

Yes a look forward to things I am uhhh looking forward to in comics

Brightest Day-where is Blackest Night leading? Why Brightest Day of course. The interesting thing is that its a 26(?) issue bi-weekly series. Might be a little bit of overkill on DC's part but I have faith
Johns and company

Heroic Age-Marvel's next overarching storyline(if you weeeelll) I am really enjoying Dark Reign but I am glad to see the return of Heroes.(just not on NBC) The talk is that all Avengers titles are ending to be rebooted into one main Avengers title. Now I understand Dark and New ending but I hope something is good is in store for Mighty(Defenders maybe?) and Initiative is becoming Avengers Academy which is cool. Plus Gorilla Man is featured in promos for the Avengers hopefully that means more Agents of Atlas

War of the Supermen-The last year or so of the Superman titles have not had Superman in them cause Superman has been on New Krypton. In his stead has been Nightwing(Chris Kent) and Flamebird two Kryptonians tracking down fugitive agents put on Earth by Zod in Action Comics. Superman on the other hand features Mon-El and Guardian. The main enemy in both has been General Lane and Project 7734 err Hell who are a anti-alien military unit(echoing the Superman and Legion story buy it!) The War of the Supermen story is going to be(I think) a Krypton vs. Earth vs. Braniac/Luthor thing which should be cool.

Guardians of the Galaxy/Marvel Cosmic- This next entry is doesn't have a name yet but I have to talk about it(spoilerz) Not only to we have the Magus back but wait for it..............................

THANOS is coming back! Keep it coming Abnett and Laning!

Yeah thats it for now I will have some reviews and maybe a whatever post this week. Honest:)

Thanks again

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