Thursday, September 15, 2011

Oh Man A Cookie!

New 52 Review: OMAC w/Dan Didio a/co-writer Keith Giffen
Picked this up has a Kirby fan and a big Giffen fan expecting at least cool artwork(which I got in spades)What sort of surprised me was how joyous and cool the story was. I know has a esteemed comic guy on the internets(editors note: series of tubes) I am suppose to hate Dan Didio for being in charge of DC in one of its most successful eras(yeah I don't get the hate either)but like his Metal Men in Wednesday's Comics this was well done.

The story is about OMAC breaking into CADMUS industries and causing havoc and such.Why aren't more people talking about this book? This is a great starting on point and made me feel like a kid.

Demon and /or Knight pun goes here


So I actually had a chance to get to the comic shop and pick up some New 52 (52!) books. Here is the review for the first one

Demon Knights- w/Paul Cornell a/Diogenes Nievs
This book deals with a medieval team of bandits/not quite heroes against The Horde. Kind of like a Arthurian Secret Six. I won't reveal all the members revealed so far in case you want to read it.Other then the Demon,who is on the cover,and Madame Xanadu(!).Though I will give the hint that one is a long term DC villain or is it long lived(wink). Also neat little Legion tie-in this book. Yes a Legion of Superheroes tie-in a medieval fantasy book.

Now long time readers of this blog know my love for one Mr. Cornell. He has a way with dialogue and setting up situations. The plots are great too don't get me wrong but I think I would read something like Wally Lumpkin the Fantastic Four Mailman if he wrote it.(ooh and Alan Davis on art)

I first saw Diogenes Nieves on Legion and liked his work but now he has stepped up his game.This is some great work where his designs and expressions standout

My final verdict: Will continue to read it I like where it is going. Fun read even you don't like fantasy. Totally not the Tolkien retread that you usually picture when someone says fantasy(sorry Shannara fans)More like a Dirty Dozen type book. Insert more praise here

The Mighty Revealed...?

Thanks to for the link

That is a picture of the Mighty who debut in Fear Itself 7# Looks like powered up heroes that I think I guessed most of them if I didn't I certainly wouldn't look for my post about it. Most of the designs are okay particularly Destroyer Iron Man and Doctor Strange but man that Wolverine and Spidey are blech!

Some reviews up later

Thursday, September 1, 2011

sorry guys

Just got power back a day ago. I haven't read JLA yet can't afford it. so I will post something on something soon :)